Recently, I was sitting around having a major pity party concerning “wudda, shoulda, cuddas and I had to pull to the side of the road of life and spend so time meditating. I had lost my focus completely. My reason for being! And even though many of my writings are about staying focused in pursuit of purpose, I am prone to get discouraged. I desperately needed to hear something from someone that would stir me back into action. Well, God lead me to an excerpt I’d read from a book titled “The Rhythm Of Life” written by Matthew Kelly. Here’s the excerpt and I hope it blesses you the way it blessed me:

Your Assignment Is Awaiting You

“It was not the chief priests, or even the high priest of that year, that recognized the signs that accompanied the coming of Jesus. But rather, it was the three Magi who recognized these signs. The star rose in the east and they followed the star.

The scriptures do not tell us how old the Magi were, nor are we told how long they had been following the star. However, one thing is certain- it takes time to develop the understanding and awareness necessary to recognize your star when it rises. The Magi had probably been waiting and preparing for many years. The first lesson in finding and following your own personal star is patience. Many people lose their chance at GREATNESS by chasing after the first star that rises.

We should prepare patiently for our star to rise. It will not rise early. It will not rise late. It will rise in the fullness of time- at the most appropriate time. You need not worry that you will not be ready. It will not rise UNTIL you are. You should not fear that you will miss it, or not recognize it. It will help you to fulfill the purpose of your existence and your whole life is leading you toward it.”

As you wait for your star to rise there is much preparation to be done. Dreams come true when opportunity and preparation meet. Now is your time to prepare. DO NOT say, “I am too old.” DO NOT say, “I am too young.” Now is your time to prepare. You are where you are RIGHT NOW FOR A REASON, reading what you are reading FOR A REASON.

From this day on begin to foster a belief that you were born for a reason, and although you may not have yet discovered that reason, you are being prepared for it and led toward it. In general terms, you know that your purpose is to grow, change, develop, and become the better person you know you are capable of being. It is this process of growth that makes life interesting, exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling.

Dedication to this process of growth is GREATNESS. GREATNESS should never be confused with fame, fortune, status, or power, these things are only passing ILLUSIONS. GREATNESS is to be TRUE to YOURSELF. A chance at GREATNESS– and it will involve the unique and providential blend of your talents, needs, and desires. The pursuit of your chance at GREATNESS will reveal you to your family, friends, colleagues, spouse, children, and everyone who crosses your path. It is the attuning of your personality. Life is a revelation of self. Life is a story; your life is your story. Life is for you- and yet, in a paradoxical but complimentary way, it is also your chance to serve your neighbor, to touch and enrich others, and to make a difference in this sometimes weary world. This is the way of God- to lead you toward your perfection and fulfillment, while at the same time using your journey to lead others toward their perfection and fulfillment.

The right circumstances will emerge. I prefer to think of them as opportunities. The right opportunities will emerge. Circumstances hatch opportunities which enable us to follow our star. The circumstances of our lives often perfectly and providentially prepare us to follow our star.

Your Assignment Is Awaiting You


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