Somebody once said, “love is when you care more about another’s happiness than your own”.

Love is an amazing feeling no doubt, but how far are you willing to go, and how much of yourself are you willing to give up for your partner’s happiness. When you’ve been in love once, and had your heart broken, it takes so long to move on that you start feeling like it’s not worth it at all, you swear to yourself that you’ll never do it again. But that’s never the case, is it? When you’ve healed, when the scars have faded, you want what you’ve had, you crave to feel the way you felt before. It’s like an addictive drug, you tell yourself that you’re better off without it, but you feel you can’t live without it. So you hope and you wait and you pray for something to happen, until it seems like your waiting for a miracle.

You’re Worth More Than That

Alas, your impatience is awarded, and soon your prayer is answered and you have someone. You feel complete, you have someone who is all yours. It’s an amazing feeling, you think about this person all day, every day. You never want to leave their side. Soon, the honeymoon phase is past, and your “miracle” starts showing signs of disinterest. They’ve got this new person in their life and it’s beginning to worry you. They lie to you, they get you to do things for them you wouldn’t normally do, while their out doing god knows what.

One day, when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you breakdown, and tell them how you feel. They tell you that you’ve got nothing to worry about and you’re the only one they’ll ever love. This goes on and on, but you won’t end it, because you’re afraid of being lonely, though you already are.

Now, if you are in this place, listen closely. You are worth more than this, you are worth more than being in an emotionally taxing and depressing relationship, not breaking it off because you’re scared of being all alone. Well I have some good news for you. There is somebody out there who’s whole world is you…… WAITING. You have got to stop feeling like you’re not good enough because you are. You are beautiful and smart and funny and caring and someone will come along who will love all of you, and every imperfection, someone who will love you for you.

You’re Worth More Than That


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