Relationship Anxiety or Worry Is Not Healthy-

Picture waking up in the middle of the night, terrified that something is going to happen, even though your wife is comfortably asleep beside you, your daughter is tucked away in bed, you just got promoted, and your finances are at their most stable in years. Worrying about anything in such a situation is rather unnatural, which only compounds the worries of the people that do wake up under such conditions. Moments that cause undue fear and anxiety such as this, according to statistics, are actually on the rise...... relationship anxiety or worry is not healthy!

Things like fear and anxiety are natural reactions that humans revert to whenever they are threatened in any sense, whether physically, emotionally, or otherwise. Fear (False Expectations Appearing Real), is a unnatural response for any number of things that can occur in everyday life. Fear is “a spirit” and it usually manifests when there is a threat or a perceived threat, but more and more people are experiencing fear that has no cause. This is not like the phobia, which needs to be triggered by something that had caused the person some form of trauma in the past, but something that may be much worse. More and more people are admitting that, despite the lack of any real causes for such concern and worry, they can't stop themselves from feeling as if something is going to go wrong.

A number of people are starting to show signs of having unfounded worries and concerns, oftentimes even after explaining to themselves that there is nothing to worry about. Most people can understand feelings of anxiety when there is some sort of problem on the horizon. People psychologically expect things to happen when there are signs that point to such a thing could happen, but that doesn't explain why more and more people are starting to have bouts with anxiety when there is nothing wrong. As previously mentioned, this undue worrying can sometimes compound the problem, making things seem worse than they actually are. Because again, relationship anxiety or worry is not healthy.

According to some psychologists, people have conditioned themselves to expect a “drop” whenever life is good, reflecting the way a roller coaster ride works. This “what goes up, must come down” mentality is sometimes seen by some as a good way to soften the blow if (or when) a major negative event occurs. However, psychologically speaking it actually can prevent someone from enjoying the good things in life. The fact that this problem doesn't really need any sort of concrete or special trigger (even just waking up in the middle of the night for no reason can cause a fit of worry), just makes it that much harder to deal with.

Some people welcome the worry and the uncertainty that this brings, seeing it as some sort of twisted motivator to get things done and make sure everything is in place. However, this is not advisable because constant worry is not healthy and it can do untold damage to one's psychological and physiological well-being. Some extreme cases show that engaging in this too much can result in a number of mental health disorders, not the least of which is paranoia. Also notable is the fact that people who worry so much tend to visit the doctor more often than people who are generally calm and relaxed.

Worry Is not healthy. Though anxiety, or its possible repercussions, may pose to be lethal, studies show it's curable in nature and responds to treatment well. Medical breakthroughs and scientific researches offer a wide array of answers that range from anxiety treatment to naturally coping with anxiety.

Anxiety treatments can be done through medications such as anti-anxiety drug, anti-depressants, and beta-blockers. Anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed for brief relief against anxiety attacks and it is also used to hamper anxiety's severe effects. Anti-depressants give the brain a boost to let it combat mind-paralyzing effect of anxiety. Beta-blockers, which are fondly used by performers to deal with stage fright and “weak” knees, are good combatants against physical symptoms of anxiety.

These may seem to be the positive contributors of anxiety treatment but medical people suspect there’s too much dependency on it. Anxiety medications can promote drug dependence and, with this, incalculable possible adverse side effects. They also advise people to take precaution by consulting their regular physician or family doctor.

Herbal medication alternatives and other natural forms of anxiety-curing regimen are strongly suggested as forms of anxiety treatment. CBT or Cognitive Brain Therapy is one of the leading anxiety treatments. If a person is suffering from anxiety problems, CBT will help that individual to identify and overcome the traumatic experiences and notions that inhibits the individual from working through his fears. Constant exposure with this therapy would help you acquire certain skills that will strengthen your sense of emotional equilibrium and thus, you gain control over of your anxiety dilemma.

Coping with anxiety, however, is not as easy as it sounds. The tricky part here is that you must allow yourself to get ahead of the dilemma when in fact you could not manage to circumvent it. With this, medical professionals encourage individuals to earnestly seek and abide by a doctor's advice. The practical and medical based advice will help the individual navigate properly the particulars of the anxiety dilemma.

They also encourage the relatives of those who are coping with anxiety to offer relentless support and multitudinous amount of patience understanding that this state of recovery is vital for them. Extending extra care and effort just to let them know that they are not alone in this battle. This is very important to know because one major manifestation of anxiety is seclusion.

Coping with anxiety, also, as said by doctors, has no guaranteed solution. It takes careful planning and constant follow-up to be able to really give the best support and care for people coping with anxiety.

With this, let’s keep in mind that anxiety can be treated and it does respond accordingly to treatments. No matter how critical a problem may be, just say to yourself, "Me Worry? no need to worry because I can’t change one hair on my head by worrying."

Relationship Anxiety or Worry Is Not Healthy



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