Women Men Admire

Go out in public and actually observe people. Look hard and what you’ll probably find is visually pleasing. We live in a society that places far too much importance on physical attractiveness. We try so hard to be “pretty” or “hot” in order to attract the opposite sex. Authenticity has been lost on the shallowness of APPEARANCES.

Men Admiring Women

Anyone can grab a boyfriend/girlfriend using just their looks. The key to finding someone you can be truly happy with, however, is so much simpler than that. For example, look at your childhood heroes. Why did you look up to them? Why did you like them so much?

We admire the people that we wish we could be. This doesn’t mean that you want to trade lives. Rather, it means that the confidence and vibe they give off intrigues you. They are the person that you wish you could be. You see no faults with them.

Admiring Real People

The people most idolized and sought after in this world are the people who are true to themselves….IN OTHER WORDS REAL!!!

A woman who is confident, doesn’t do everything to please others, and lives her life in a way that’ll bring her long-term happiness, gives off exactly this. To be so independent, such a free soul does not go unnoticed. Men fall in love with strong women. Truly fall in love. Anyone can be smitten with a person that just follows the crowd. But, it takes a strong, vibrant woman to catch a man’s attention, hold it, and make him fall in love with her.

Admire your inner beauty

I am not trying to say that you need to change anything about yourself in order to gain the attention of a man. What I am saying is that it will never happen as long as you are trying. To give off this confidence and strength, you have to focus on you and where you’re going. Make yourself the best person you can be. Live life trying to find inner happiness rather than trying to find a man who will make you feel happy. If you do this, you will find it. You will become more of a strong and vibrant person every day. This is where your true beauty will lie, and this is what will set you apart from the others.

You become an ORIGINAL and not just a COPY.

All in all, men do not admire women who WANT to be admired. The women men admire quietly exude strength and independence. Men want a woman who loves her life and that will maybe give him the same strength she has found in herself.


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