Been there done that

Women often say they don't like to chase men, but unfortunately, our subconscious alerts the ego the minute we don't have a complete hold over you. It's a game of cat and mouse that society has forced us to play when the elimination of courtship was finalized. As a female serial dater, I have had the privilege of dating practically every male stereotype there is. No, there is no plaque for this accomplishment; I have not received an award of any sort. The only trophy displaying the circus show which features my whirlwind love affairs, is this lovely list where nicknames perfectly describe each suitor in an extreme form of gender discrimination. Bear with me: The Selfish Musician, The Adopted Drug Addict, The Diabetic Jock, The Youngin The Comic Book Drawer, The P.Diddy Rich Boy, The Struggling Artist, The Criminal, The Jewish Police Officer, The Lost Prankster, The Forever Frat Boy, The Older Man, The Sad Emo, The Straight-Edge/All-American, The Naive Gentleman, The Animal Player, The Mixed Up Veteran and The Narcissist.

Combining confidence and mystery

Now that I have officially made myself appear to be a hooker of some kind; I think I've made my point clear. The number of personality types gives off this illusion that each guy is the polar opposite from the other. For a long time, I believed the same. That was until the burden of being a writer began to stir up questions in my mind. Of course, at first glance, it was easy for me to miss the obvious common denominator between all of them. I wrote a quick summary for each guy and reread each lover's story a few times. Then, as if the clouds faded away from my mind and eyes and beamed me towards the sky, I laughed. Mostly in disbelief. It took some time for me to come to terms with it. The one quality they all seemed to share was how they made me wonder about their soul. They were mystery men. Even the ugliest guy on the list transformed into a butterfly when I couldn't figure out the reason behind his sad eyes.  .

A bit hormonal

I often hear my friends and other women say how they want a gentleman who will buy them roses but curse them out at the same time. We women love paradoxes. We romanticize over a fantasy that literally cannot exist in this world, because the second things become content and easy. There are female succubus, like I used to be, who become bored way too quickly. This is where the mystery game comes in handy. Men, picture yourself in a bar, or any place where you've imagined approaching that gorgeous woman in the corner. She looks out of your league, right? Maybe her body language seems too intimidating. What if you were able to read her mind, though? Would you still be too nervous to walk up to her if you heard just how nervous and intimidated, she was by your presence? Well, I have just let you into the mind of every hormonal woman walking this Earth, so believe it. She's probably more nervous than you are.

Fake it until you make it

No matter who she is and where she comes from, the minute you start walking up to her, she's all yours. The ball is in your court. The mystery force got a hold of her as soon as you took your first step. And the reason being, as simple as it may sound, was because she never, ever saw it coming. Even the most beautiful and exotic females never think men are going to hit on them because they rarely get approached by a real man who walks, talks, lives and breathes confidently in himself.   .

Are you mysterious?

Thankfully, we're unable to read each other's mind so taking a risk is inevitable. I bet you may be asking yourself, "How do I make myself seem and appear mysterious?" This is not the time to freak out, because there really is no need to. Simply pretend you're this confident man, who knows his worth and fully believes in himself. Act as if you are someone else - Think about the person you want to be and start practicing. It’s going to feel awkward at first, but just like learning how to ride a bike, eventually, one day, you won't even notice that the training wheels are gone. You WILL learn how to ride your own bike. Practice is key.

The confidence builder

Try a fifteen-minute pick-up exercise everyday, for an entire week. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and stand in front of a mirror. Don't be shy. This isn't the Truman Show, so relax a little. This exercise is meant for you to look at yourself and truly find appreciation for who you are and also check out the many different facial expressions that show off those hidden features. By exactly knowing the way you look, you'll get to know and like yourself and with practice, you will learn to like yourself for who you are, transferring the confidence from the bathroom into the real world.

At least try

Take a risk for goodness sake. There's no reward without at least trying. Being rejected is painful and an emotion most don't want to try to live over and over again. But you want to walk, talk, live and breathe confidence, right? Well, then this is your ultimate test. For an entire month, go up to a female you visually connected to, whether it feels physical or emotional. Forget who your nerves tell you to be and unleash the mystery man inside you.

Be confident man

The confident man you've been getting to know recently. You know, the man in the mirror. Well, guess what... That's you. You are confident. Therefore, you are aware of your worth and value to others, which is why you take risks. You know that there are ladies out there who believe that men have lost their cahonees because they don't approach women.   Go out there and stick to the plan. USE the faith in yourself. REMEMBER the person you are, at this very moment, is the person you are meant to be.


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