Why do people cheat? Around 10 percent of relationships in adults have at least one person in the relationship cheat on their partner, maybe its happened to you?

The word "cheating" doesn't mean the same to everyone.

For some people cheating can be anything like a kiss with another person, while some people only regard cheating as full sexual intercourse!

The idea of cheating seems repulsing to some people, but tempting and exciting to others, why?


If you are thinking of cheating on your loved one it may be for one of these reasons........

    1. Did you get involved with your current partner at a young age and therefore haven't been able to have a lot of sexual relationships?

You might feel like you missed out on that when you were younger and want to explore more now.

    1. You don't care about your partners feeling.

A lot of people have admitted that they would have an affair because for whatever reason they've been hurt by their current partner and cheating provides them an opportunity to 'even the score'.

    1. Does the idea turn you on?

For some people the thought of sneaking around and having sexual relations with someone else can be a rush of excitement that they don't get from their partner or other aspects of their life and therefore try to achieve that by having an affair.

    1. Do you love your partner

One of the main reasons that people have an affair is that they simply are not in love with their partner anymore!

    1. Do you get enough sexual satisfaction with your partner?

The reason that some people cheat is that they don't get enough satisfaction in their primary sexual relationship and therefore try to fulfill this in another partner.

    1. Does your partner appreciate you?

Everyone wants approval and appreciation from the person they love, but if that person isn't giving you that then you may be trying to find someone else to receive it from.

    1. Did your partner cheat on you?

You may be wanting to hurt your partner and if they cheated then cheating allows you to give them a taste of their own medicine, this is actually one of the most common reasons that people have affairs.

    1. Are you in love with someone else?

In the cases where someone may cheat on their partner with another person it may be because they are in love with that person but for some reason have not ended the relationship with their current partner.

    1. Are you the type of person for an exclusive relationship?

Some people just don't have the personality for a committed relationship, they would much rather have multiple sexual partners than feel like they are shackled to one person.


To a certain point.

If your not giving your partner the attention they deserve then you need to do that, also, make sure that you are doing your part in the relationship and not leaving everything up to them, otherwise they may assume the relationship is one-sided, begin to feel unappreciated, and go somewhere else.

But some things are beyond your control, sometimes the harsh truth is that you may not be able to stop your partner from cheating and the reason that they cheated may not have anything to do with you.

Why Do People Cheat?

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