Sense of self

There are numerous ways to lose your own sense of self. There are things you can do to help preserve that, no matter what happens.  This sense of self is essential in any self-improvement program.

Know your purpose

Identify your life purpose or mission statement and you will have your own exclusive compass that will lead you to your truth north every time.

Know your values

What do you value most? Is it love, family, freedom?  Knowing exactly what is important to you will reassure you in times of doubt.

Know your needs

Do you have a need to be acknowledged, to be correct, to be in control, to be loved? There are so many people who lived their lives without realizing their dreams and most of them end up being stressed or even depressed.

Know your passions

What gets your blood flowing?  What makes you angry?  Determined?  Knowing what fuels your emotions will help you know what you need to do.

Know your inner being

Increase your awareness of your inner wisdom by regularly reflecting in silence. Breathe deeply to quiet your distracted mind. Don't shun silence and alone time. Relish it. It is during these moments that your true self makes an appearance.

Know your strengths

What are your positive traits? What special talents do you have? You can increase your self-confidence when you can share what you know to others.

Give freely

When you are true to yourself, living your purpose and giving of your talents to the world around you, you give back in service what you came to share with others -your spirit - your essence.

They say, "To thine own self be true."  This is one of the truest statements ever made.  Know yourself and be the you you were born to be.

Winners and Whiners


  1. Listen to and follow their intuition. They know how intuitions and insights come to them and are tuned-in internally to make wise decisions.


  1. Are aware of who they are--- strengths, weaknesses, personality, values, etc. They know that the most important (and interesting) thing to know about is "self."


  1. Reflect on and learn from past experiences, finding out what works and what doesn't, and then adjusts their course of action as needed. They think about things before jumping in, and also take the time after-the-fact to actively reflect to fully understand what happened or didn't happen.


  1. Can easily entertain innovative ideas, thoughts, and ways of doing things. They long for progressive and forward-thinking information, concepts, and people. They often come up with new and radical ideas on a regular basis.


  1. Are open to different perspectives and see possibilities where most people don't. They are comfortable with paradoxes and can relate to numerous sides of an issue or opinion.


  1. Recognize and respond quickly to opportunities and people. They act and react fast and take care of what needs to be taken care-of, well ahead of schedule.


  1. Don't have to know it all, but they do know where to go to get whatever information, resources, training, education that they need. They are well networked and have people to call on for resource referrals.


  1. Think for themselves. They do not blindly believe things so-called "experts" say, in fact, they ask deep questions to discover their own truth.


  1. Are committed to being a lifelong learner. They continuously learn new things, and stay current with their skills, attitudes, and beliefs.


  1. Do not take themselves or life too seriously. They recognize the importance of finding the fun in the irony and the comedy of everyday life.



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