The presence of pain is something that can push us away from God. However, pain is a normal part of life, and there is no way to escape it. The very same can be said about the hurt that is associated with a relationship that is about to fail or has already failed. Sometimes, two people in love aren’t always the right people that should be in love with each other. Therefore, if you are facing the impending breakup of a love relationship, or just broke up with someone you loved recently, you should take comfort in knowing this; God has not abandoned you. He is there, walking right beside you, and He is taking your personal pain upon his very own shoulders. He doesn’t want you to feel isolated and all alone in your sorrow. If anything, he expects you to move forward, and also to continue loving others unconditionally. This also, does include the significant other that you ended your relationship with.

Where Is God When It Hurts?

Getting hurt is a very real part of life. Loving someone who has openly hurt you is hard, but guess what, it is what God expects of you. Having God’s love in your life is what gives you the power to love, the unlovable, and this isn’t a bad thing. It is a learning thing about the reality of the love in your own heart. You will develop a very strong love because of God, and this strong love will permit you to go on loving yourself and others. The powerful love you allow yourself to have can withstand anything and survive. It can stand up against hurt, pain, and any other circumstances and come out the victor.

Where is God when It Hurts? God is alive in your own heart. He is there to care and to make you resilient. He will help you to rise above the pain, when you are ready to do so, and not until then. He will not let hurt make you bitter and desolate preventing you from going on to love others. If anything, he will help you to know your own heart personally. Sure, pain is a hurting thing, no lie. Nonetheless, as we go through life each day the pain will hurt a little less and a little less. Then eventually the pain will be replaced with another chance for happiness.

So, with this said, never let the breakup of a relationship make you feel empty or all alone. You are not empty, nor, are you all alone. God is right there with you. He will always be there. You carry him in your heart, and it is the burning light of his love, which does fuel hope for new love to return tomorrow. Never turn away from God’s light and love. He sends them to you, as his Blessings from above, when you need them the most.

Where Is God When It Hurts?


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