Real Love- What Is It?

You have been there. Those "I'm-too-head-over-heels-in-love" feeling that accompanied your teenage years. You can't seem to get enough of each other. You have been together the whole day and you would still text or call after you have been apart. All of your dates come with passion and sparks. You looked into his eyes and you thought "this is real love," or "I am now with my future and forever." Then you become disillusioned after awhile. His cute antics became an annoyance. The petty fights turned ugly. You began bottling up feelings so as not to fight anymore and then you began not talking about your problems anymore. So what does real love feel like?

You began drifting apart. You think to yourself, "What went wrong?" As you remembered how sweet his kisses were and how you thought that his hand was a perfect match for yours. You tried to connect again but as you went to his place, you encountered another girl and that moment froze in your mind. The feeling of young and wild love is nothing but a faraway dream as it is replaced by the excruciating pain of betrayal and lost hope about love. This is not what you have expected about love. You thought love is fun and delightful, and would make you complete as a person. Now that you are feeling pain and anger, you began to ask yourself, "Is this what real love feels like?"

Letting Go Is Real Love

Real love is letting go and being courageous on your own. As you started to sail the uncharted waters of the unknown after a failed relationship, you have learned that love is not always giddy feelings and goosebumps but understanding and patience. It is not about holding each others hands when joyous but being able to comfort one another even if you don't understand each other anymore. Being kind even if you are angry with that person is real love. And real love is communicating even when it gets messy so as to provide resolution to any unresolved issues. Or even when you have resolved your issues, it is staying honest and loyal to each other. Trusting one another that everything would be okay in the future.

As you have become enlightened and at peace with yourself, he comes back again to apologize for everything that he has done and for every hurt that he caused. Being mature enough to accept his apology is real love. Telling him that you are part of the problem and you also contributed to it is Real love. That kind of love is sacrificial, apologizing even if you think you've done nothing wrong.

Real love is forgiving

What does real love feel like? It is moving on, not looking back at the past, but taking the lessons with you into the future. Real love is not holding any grudges for that person. Real love is being able to start over, always hoping for the best.

Experience Real Love


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