Spiritual Relationships are when two people find each other on a different level than that of others. It is when you experience a connection with one another at your core or your being, you feel joyful, understanding, harmony and peace towards each other. It can be felt both mentally and physically, some people connect instantly others it may take time, but you will both feel like your spirits are joined together.

Spiritual Relationships

A spiritual relationship comes from God, suggesting if you use your relationship to become compassionate, kinder, and wiser, you can be happier. Essentially it is a relationship based on personal growth, you commit to loving and helping each other wholeheartedly because it is only when you can love on another level that you can really begin to explore and enjoy yourself and others.

Why should you pursue spiritual relationships? There are many reasons. Whether it be with your family or partner, these types of relationships are strong, they hold together through everything else, helping, understanding, and loving with everything you have are the steps to take to find your true soul mate. Men and women in relationships can sometimes feel drained, emotionally and physically, in spiritual relationships you build each other up, rather than tear each other down. You make each other feel safe and warm, in mind, body and spirit, which leads to a life of happiness.

Becoming whole in your spiritual evolution means to build yourself up. Stop looking for what you want in others and look for what you want in you, be the person you want to be and be content with the person you chose to spend your spiritual life with. Accomplishing this type of relationship can take time, you need to look inside yourself and see who you really are and what you want out of life. The person you choose to be with should respect and help you evolve into that person.

Raise your partner up by helping them with their spiritual quest, the aim is to feel lifted, open, and satisfied. Spiritual relationships don't have to involve sex, it can be two people looking for mutual understanding or unyielding love from within. All Spiritual relationships are ones of love, they cannot be of disdain or dislike, even though you have a connection with these people also, both of them are spiritual because it is our essence that is either attracted or repelled.

Spiritual Relationships

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