There are many different Types of Relationships that may fit any person at any time. Our personal background affects what partners we choose and which relationship we fall into. The number one most sought after relationship, is obviously a healthy one. This healthy relationship gives respect, unconditional love, faithfulness, honesty and so much more. If this is the type of relationship that you want, you have to be aware at all times what you are doing and how you can improve yourself and how you can make your relationship work better.

Types of Relationships

Also keep in mind that knowing what you want out of life is very important.

There Are Many Different Types of Relationships-

You have the survival relationship which basically means that you feel like you can’t survive on your own without someone. Most of the time people get into these types of relationships because they feel lonely. This relationship is not a choice made based on love, but a choice made by the feeling that being with someone will somehow make you feel complete or more secure in some way.

You then have those types of relationships that are based off of validation. These types of relationships exist to make someone feel better about themselves. They constantly seek validation from their partner in every aspect of their lives. Being validated to some means feeling accomplished and that they are doing something right. It’s more important that they feel validated rather than loved. A relationship based off of validation can only go so far before one person decides that they want a connection on a deeper level.

We all have the friends that have been in exclusive types of relationships since high school and went on to continue the relationship through college. They may have even gotten married before college and followed the path that was set for them by their families or because they thought it was the logical thing to do. These types of relationships are known as scripted relationships. To most, these types of relationships are what they crave. Just because their outer appearance may look perfect, doesn’t mean that they have the best relationship though. Sometimes these types of relationships are performed because it’s what they think is the right and the next respectable step to take relationally in their life. Now, just because it may seem scripted, doesn’t mean that they aren’t happy together, it simply means they chose a different path.

Always remember that one of the most sought after types of relationships are the kind that is based on love, commitment, trust, understanding, respect and so much more.

One other type of relationship is the assertion relationship. This is when you focus on each other’s needs and help each other reach your potential. You also show your appreciation for each other’s differences and encourage each other’s uniqueness.

The types of relationships which are Successful Relationships Should always be Based on Commitment.

No matter what type of relationship you are in, it’s important to be committed.

Commitment is the key to everything. So which relationship are you in, or which one do you want most? It’s up to you to choose what’s going to make you happy in the end.


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