Uniqueness is a prerequisite when it comes to love so stop trying to change me!

Being in a relationship is a tremendous gamble. Most say that there has to be a strong foundation before even starting anything. Starting off as friends is always the way to go. In spite of that, not everyone is blessed with a guy best friend who ends up falling in love with us. We often forget that our lives aren’t based on fairy tales and romantic comedy movies, which is why we often find ourselves disconsolate when our own relationships start to go through rough patches. No relationship is perfect, and obstacles that test your love are normal. Although there are several reasons that could either make or break you, it is solely up to you to find the solace you both need.

Stop Trying To Change Me

Couples that find themselves in an unhappy relationship usually are not conscious of what went wrong in the span of time they were together. With time, come greater expectations and higher levels of comfort. When we think we know someone by heart, a reason would arise that would make you question whether or not you know anything about your significant other at all. Our true colors come out and when problems ensue, the only thing that you find plausible to do is to fight. When the going gets tough, those who don’t reconcile find themselves wondering what it was they found in their partner.

We begin to be compared to other people, which generally, makes our lover yearn for us to change. Our boyfriends would start to lose that sparkle in their eyes when they look at us because we aren’t as good looking as Hollywood actresses. Boys night and video games start to kick you off the number one spot on their priority list. Anniversaries and special moments soon slip their minds, and the glass slipper you thought was made for you seems to no longer fit you anymore.

Being women, it is in our nature to please the opposite gender. We want assurance and praise to boost our self-confidence. Girls who think they weigh a million pounds and desire thigh gaps, make daily trips to the gym and replace fries with salad. Though we all know that tasteless vegetables aren’t our comfort food, we turn to them knowing the reward of having the perfect body is enough to endure the sacrifice. We start picking tight clothes and short dresses to make our boyfriends see that we could be tantalizing as well. We start to go with the trend and we forget we should have more self-respect for ourselves than change our whole lifestyle to satisfy a person who can’t seem to love us for who we are.

Whether we discern it or not, we are all unique in our own way. The things that differentiate us from the rest of the world are what make us stand out and lovable. Nobody should dictate what you should wear or how much you should eat to achieve a specific look. People shouldn’t give you a reason to change for the worst. Comfort should always come first unfailingly. If people think that you’re not good enough, then it’s time to socialize with better personage. To be part of a group who condescends on individuals who don’t reach their standard of “perfect” is no achievement.

The battle is just as important as the prize is what they all say. Happiness lasts longer when it’s not superficial. Don’t use your insecurities as a reason to change. Everything eventually loses its novelty when it starts to blend in with the rest.

It’s all a matter of perspective. When life gives you lemons, then go make a malt. Those who think it’s too unhealthy can stay ordinary.

Stop Trying To Change Me



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