Can true love transform

Ever since I was a child I have been told that my parents were soulmates. After 36 years of marriage, they are still going strong. I have always found this awe-inspiring, and several of my friends are in constant amazement at the quality and care they each have in the relationship. They met while they were in college through a mutual friend and my mom said she knew that the instant she met my dad, her life had been transformed.

Being in love

While I love my parents to death and envy their relationship on any given day of the week, a part of me is still skeptical. Being in love is one thing, but true love having the ability to transform your life? It begs the question... How? HOW do you find that love? How do you know it's even going to be the kind to transform your life? And of course, the next logical question for the skeptics would be..... How do you know the transformation is going to be for the better? I mean sure, we'd all love to believe that our so-called prince/princess is out in the world somewhere as we are just waiting for some magic cosmic force to bring us together, but is that just something we tell ourselves to make it through the day? Something we read in fairy tales when we were little? How realistic is it?

What is true love?

Maybe the question isn't who or how this happens, maybe it's the what. WHAT happens to make someone feel that love has transformed their life? WHAT is the definition of true love? So maybe it's not who or how or any of the other mind-boggling questions, maybe true love, the kind that has the power to transform your life, can come from anywhere. You can have a love that allows you to have a deeper sense of self, or perhaps you are facing a personal struggle and turn your attention to a higher power that gives you the courage and strength to make it through that next day. Sometimes though, I feel like we as a society are resistant to change, or anything that pushes us out of our comfort zone. Perhaps some just simply don't believe there is something out there that has the magnitude "true love" claims to have.

True love and transformation

I fully believe that true love can transform your life; the question is: WILL YOU LET IT? My challenge/question to you is: When that day comes in your life, will you be willing to set all previous notions and fears aside and totally embrace what life and the possibility of true love have to offer? My hope is that you say yes!

Challenge Accepted! Who knows you may just find your happily ever after...


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