Trickle Down Dating

The lyrics of Whitney Houston's song "The Greatest Love of All" may provide some insightful food for thought when it comes to how we look at dating and relationships. Advice on how to find great dates, how to behave on that first date, or even how to spice up a long term relationship are all around us. The 'trickle down effect' is a common term coined in Economics literature, but how does this term relate to dating and relationships?

Looking closely at the lyrics of the late Whitney Houston, there is a very meaningful quote that may resonate with readers. "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all". Although this a song about self acceptance, how does it relate to dating? The trickle down effect applied to dating takes the approach of this song. We first need to learn to love and accept ourselves and to take care of ourselves. The way we treat ourselves could be a reflection of how we relate to other people, or even the quality of people that we choose to date.

Accept Yourself

Some women actually believe that how a man looks after his shoes and himself could be a reflection of how he will take care of his women. This is an extreme approach, but is an example of trickle down dating. Learn to look after yourself in every way that counts and the care that you have for yourself is more likely to trickle down into personal relationships. The more accepting we are of ourselves, the more likely we are to relax and really enjoy that first date.

The happiness that comes with self acceptance is likely to be infectious and trickle down to others, and this could be the key to making a fun, vibrant first impression on the dating scene and could lead to that second date.

Those who have struggled to accept themselves or even look after themselves are likely to carry many insecurities and nerves to their first date. This is a pity, because a date is something that is meant to be enjoyed by both parties. In long term relationships, feelings of insecurity can manifest themselves in an adverse way and add some toxic elements to the relationship such as mistrust and jealousy.

Giving Yourself Time and Attention

Before going on another date, it is important that you look after yourself and listen carefully to what the late Whitney Houston has told us about self acceptance. For some, this may take longer and require some solitude and time for self reflection. Give yourself that time. Look after everything around you as well. Polish your shoe collection, cook yourself some healthy meals, give your living space a makeover or do whatever it takes to show yourself and others that you care for yourself.

The quality time you spend on yourself and your surroundings could very well translate to quality time spent in a loving relationship. The trickle down dating effect is a reality in today's dating world.

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