In the past, it was fairly uncommon to see relationships in which the couple lived together and wasn’t married, and people seemed to be more loyal, faithful and loving to their spouses than the majority are today. This can leave you asking the question: What happened to Traditional Marriage? However, it’s important to realize that a lot of different factors have caused marriage as a whole to change from what it used to be.

Changes in Education and the Workforce

In the past, men typically did most of the work outside of the home while women stayed home and cooked, cleaned and took care of children. Women who did work typically only worked one of a handful of jobs, and they usually weren’t the main breadwinners. A lot of women didn’t value education as much as they do now, either.

Nowadays, just as many women work and go to college as men. Many women are equally as successful as their partners, and many are even more successful and have a higher level of education or a better-paying job. This changes the dynamics of marriage, and it also effects when people get married. Since many women have goals other than getting married and raising a family, they often wait until much later to get married.

The Media’s Effects

Many people don’t want to admit it, but the media does have an effect on traditional marriage. On television and in movies, relationships are portrayed very differently from how they used to be. It’s completely normal nowadays for a couple to live together and even have children without getting married first. There are also a lot of movies and television shows out there that seem to advocate poor choices for married individuals, such as getting involved with other people or participating in other activities that could be detrimental to one’s marriage.

The Domino Effect

Although these things have certainly taken a toll on traditional marriage over the years, a bit of a domino effect has also occurred. As more and more relationships began to change, people saw that marriage had changed with the people around them. Many people didn’t grow up with parents who were in a traditional marriage, so they don’t see why something like that is so important.

Just because it’s a common thing for marriages to be very different now than they used to be doesn’t mean that one can’t find a partner who is interested in a happy, traditional marriage. By seeking out partners who are also interested in living a more traditional marriage lifestyle, you can find the type of relationship that you’re searching for.

What Happened to Traditional Marriage?


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