You’ve probably heard of poisonous, unhealthy or a toxic relationship. Maybe you understood what unhealthy meant but wondered about poisonous or toxic. A Toxic Relationship means that you’ve had to endure lots of pain and sacrifice. It’s a relationship that can actually threaten your health and well-being. Sadly, women find themselves in these types of relationships quite often and don’t see them for what they are until it’s too late. Have a look at the following signs of a toxic relationship and see if they fit yours:

3 signs of a toxic relationship:

You’ve lost family and friends: A healthy relationship will not cost you family and friends. When a man sets out to put a strain on your relationships with those people that really care about you, it should be a huge warning that tells you he’s not the right man for you. Now, this doesn’t apply if the family and friends in question are the toxic ones, but most of the time, it’s not the case. Often, this is a tactic designed to isolate you from people you love and put himself in the role of being the only person in your life.

Even though you love him, the toxic relationship brings more pain than pleasure to you: Many times, people have the wrong impression of what loving someone is supposed to mean. Often women believe that pain must be associated with love, and that may be true to some extent. But a relationship that causes you to hurt MOST of the time instead of bringing you pleasure, is probably a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship can negatively impact your self-esteem in such a way that you start to feel hopeless in finding a man that brings you more happiness instead of pain.

You’re involved in a cycle of abuse: This is probably the most dangerous type of toxic relationship that a women can involve herself in. A cycle of abuse really messes you up. This is true whether the abuse is physical, mental or emotional. Any abuse in a relationship means that it’s definitely poisonous and one that a woman needs to escape from as fast as she can.

Those are just some of the possibilities of what makes up a toxic relationship but there are so many more of them. The point is that if you’re getting more negativity from someone than positive energy, you should think about things and decide if it’s really worth it to be in a relationship like this. Remember that there are always escape routes from a toxic relationship. They won’t necessarily be easy ones, but once you take that step, you’ll find that the new doors that suddenly open to you will give you a completely new outlook on life.

Toxic relationships are very common these days and that’s a sad commentary on the type of people running around loose masquerading as human beings. Listen to your intuition at the start of any new relationship. If you’re picking up clues, you need to pay attention and possibly save yourself from a painful experience.

3 Signs of a Toxic Relationship


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