The Single Greatest Threat to Your Relationship

No one is going to deny that relationships are hard. Learning to trust someone is difficult enough; so, the changing technological landscape isn’t helping. As you probably know, there are many things that can damage a relationship. Healthy relationships are based on love, trust, honesty and respect and so, when those aspects are compromised, your entire relationship could be in trouble.

That being said, the single greatest threat to your relationship is, arguably, technology – or, more accurately, technology-induced jealousy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting… The list goes on and on. Technology may have taken over our lives, but are you going to let it take over your relationship??? Social media platforms threaten relationships in many ways, including the discomfort and potential trust issues that arise because of them. Is your significant other texting someone every day? Are they liking pictures on Instagram that you’d really rather they didn’t?

Take a deep breath. Chances are, you text members of the opposite sex and like flirty pictures on Instagram as well. Do you mean anything by it? Probably not. And neither does your significant other. These tech-related trust issues are most likely threatening your relationship even if you don’t consciously recognize. It’s easy to assume that someone is going to do you wrong – especially if you’ve had relationships go bad in the past – but, if you let yourself obsess over every new friend your significant other adds on Facebook or every video they watch on YouTube, there’s no way you’ll trust him/her. The more you check their social media profiles or creep through their cell phone (by the way, if you’re thinking about doing this, just don’t!), the more concerned you’ll get. If you do find something, it’ll tear you apart. If you don’t, you’ll wonder if they’re just hiding it from you. Either way, no one wins.

So, how do you navigate the constant technology-induced jealousy and avoid this threat to your relationship? It’s going to sound cliché and simple, and, to be honest, it is both of those things. However, the easiest way to overcome your jealousy is to have an open conversation with your significant other. We don’t mean that you should corner or accuse him/her of anything; in fact, we want you to do quite the opposite. Have an open dialogue with your S.O. and explain how you’ve been feeling. If there’s a genuine reason – maybe they’ve been talking to someone in a way that you perceive as too intimate or at the very least an ’emotional affair’ – give them that example. If you have a strong relationship, you’ll be able to talk things over and come to a conclusion. If not, maybe jealousy wasn’t the only thing threatening your relationship.

The Single Greatest Threat to Your Relationship


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