Things I Hate About Dating

Dating can still be a great experience, if you are lucky enough to meet a good person on the first try. Let’s be honest, most of us are not that fortunate. This can make dating a pain. Text messaging has to be one of the absolute most annoying things I hate about dating. What happened to calling a woman on the phone and asking her out? Why have we allowed text messaging to become our sole communication? A woman falls in love through her ears not her ability to read. Text messaging makes it really easy for men and women to be deceitful.

How many people are out there having relationships with someone that never calls them on the phone, never takes them out with their friends, or introduce them to their family? Is this really a relationship? It is hard to tell these days what the definition of a relationship is. The rules have changed. The way men and women communicate with each other is different. Men tell women immediately what they want to do to them sexually. They send inappropriate pictures without ever sharing the same air with the other person. Women do the same.

The dating scene

The dating scene has turned into one big game. More people are choosing to stay single because it is hard to find an honest person who wants to be in a real relationship. It is hard to feel confident in a relationship when you don’t know the other person, as well as you should, because it is so easy to hide behind text messaging.

Another one of the many things I hate about dating is the roles have changed. Women have to be the role of the man in relationships because men have taken on the role of the woman.

Some men get upset if a woman does not take the initiative to contact him two minutes after they meet. They feel that you are not interested if you are not chasing them. This low self esteem issue creates situations where men demean women verbally because their egos get bruised. Women devalue themselves by tolerating the rude and disrespectful behavior that some men display. The dating scene is so difficult; women allow men to treat them inappropriately because they are afraid they won’t find someone else. These are the things I hate about dating the most.

Life and dating

There is always hope in life and dating. There could still be someone out there for you. You have to keep trying and push forward. Most importantly, the only way these negatives will cease to exist is by our demanding better for ourselves. All of us singles need to value ourselves more. We need to be happy with ourselves first and then, only except what we deserve. We all need to gain the courage to walk away from those that do not value us.

Things I Hate About Dating


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