The Whole Package

I’ve said this before…..Relationships are hard. They are as fragile as the ancient vase that was passed on through generations and as delicate as the feathers on a baby bird.

When people have different ideologies, finding compatibility and striking the right chord can be a problem. While in the initial stages of dating, everything seems rosy because the couple is still getting to know each other, but as time passes and they reveal their baggage, chances are that things can get out of hand. Similarly, in long term relationships, when there is enough time to build on compromise, commitment, and compassion, love prevails. Because Love Is The Whole Package.

Unfortunately, just falling in love cannot hold the relationship together. The complication does not lie in falling in love, but rather in cherishing and maintaining it.

On a personal note, my relationship is the combination of drama, romance and confusion. Like most others, we also have that element of uncertainty, a worry about the future, and the constant debacle between choosing right and wrong to suit both of us. Arguments, depending upon the degree of the situation, can even change the way a relationship sustains itself. My love story involves a lot of such issues and is tangled with a mixture of feelings.

While there are times when it seems like there is no future for us to look forward to, there are also days when we are inseparable to the point where we can’t exist without the other. I guess the beauty lies in being able to appreciate the good enough to deal with the bad. There are dramatic arguments to deal with and emotional piles of bitterness, resentment and pent up frustration to conquer on a daily basis. But there is also so much love, care and warmth.

When two people are together for long periods of time, where one’s habits blend into the others effortlessly, it is extremely difficult to let go and start over.

For the most part, our few great moments make up for the enormous baggage that we both come with. But then we don’t look for what the future holds, we just enjoy the present. Romance isn’t as elaborate in our lives as it is in the movies that we cozy up to and watch together most nights. Our moments aren’t as magical as the elaborate gestures we read about in books we borrow from our local library. Our lives aren’t as perfect as the stories of all the star couples we read about and make fun of every morning. But for us, it works.

Amongst the quarrels and the struggles, the laughter and the flirting, the tears and the anger, somehow it just works. Because at the end of the day when we look at each other, everything makes sense. For better or for worse……...THE WHOLE PACKAGE.

After all, isn’t love the whole package?

The Whole Package


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