The State Of Dating Today

It was the perfect first date. We had gone to the planetarium to attend a lecture on black holes. Afterward, we went for drinks at a local trendy bar. He made me laugh. We chatted for hours and seemed to have so much in common. This is it, I thought excitedly to myself. No more online dating for me. I had FINALLY hit it off with someone. He kissed me passionately at my door, promising to call me soon........... He never called. The state of dating today.

Mr. Perfect

It's the oldest story in the book and unfortunately an all too common one in the digital age. Mr. Perfect waltzes in and waltzes out, never responding like he once did to your OkCupid messages. So how do you stand out? What do you have to do to get someone's attention? Somersault into a date?

After several months, I got a reply as to why no second date. I was too eager. Such is the state of dating today. Nonchalance is prized as a trait. Men supposedly like the chase, but what happens when no one chases?

Then, ladies, it's time to kick up a little drama.

The Art of the Profile

The state of dating today requires profiles to be way overblown. Cull down that dating profile of yours. Cultivating an initial mysterious persona will practically guarantee a call. He'll want to get to know you more and wonder who you are beneath the smile.

On the first date, ask your date personal questions. Nothing that can be answered yes or no. What' do you feel is your life's mission? What is your biggest fear? Have you ever seen something you can't explain? Keep your date on their toes. He'll be flattered you've asked him something other than the run of the mill, what's your job/hobbies mantra he probably has to trot out on every date. Furthermore, when he asks you back, you can give as much or as little details as you'd prefer. We often give away too much on the first date as it is. How many kids you want, can wait for a later one. Hold yourself back a bit.

The Art of Seduction

Talk with your body, less with your voice. A lingering look, soft smile, and a light touch on his arm will make him feel he is important and the center of your attention. In the state of dating today everyone wants to be seduced, and confidence is the sexiest tool in your seduction arsenal.

As for alerting him, you'd like a second date, after the check is paid and you're about to part ways, casually slip your card to him and thank him for the evening.

He'll call back. I promise.

Dating Today


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