The Power IN Adversity

Amongst the great principles of victorious Christian service which God has been teaching has been our real reason for facing, handling and using for good, all forms of adversity, all experiences of what we call evil, pressures, suffering, difficulty, disasters, and unjust treatment. Thus, The Power IN Adversity

The first key, put in a sentence, has been this: that our “evils” are never the happenings in themselves, but the effect we allow them to have upon us. No matter whether objectively an experience is apparently good or evil, subjectively to the one who fears and doubts, all is evil; to the one who trusts, all is good.

To all appearances Calvary was Satan-engineered (“Satan entered into Judas”); but Peter later confirmed his Master’s plan by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, when he declared, “Him being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God.”


But the adventure of adversity goes even far deeper than this. When seen in its true perspective, it is found to be the doorway into God’s most transcendent secret, that of adversities and sufferings. Which in their origin are the effects of sin and instruments of the devil, in the grasp of faith become REDEMPTIVE (DELIVERANCE). They are transfigured from the realm of merely something to be endured, to something to be used to conquer their author (satan) and redeem his victims.

Faith in times of adversity makes the serpent swallow itself! Once again the supreme proof of this is that when Satan made his fiercest attack in history on the person of Christ, God used that attack through the faith and endurance of the Sufferer, to bring about the world’s salvation. God uses evil to bring about good.

If God’s gifts are our blessings, and the devil’s assaults are also our blessings, what remains to harm or depress us? If good is good and evil is equally good to the enlightened, then we enter a realm of life where “we rejoice always”, “in everything give thanks”, and “in all things we are more than conquerors”.

The Power In Adversity

Author Unknown


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