Everyone fears or dreads getting played while in a relationship. We all want to make the right decisions to end up with the right partner and have a happy, healthy relationship. Nevertheless, distinguishing 'the player' from the genuine guys can be quite difficult as both come off with sweetest intentions but their ultimate motives differ. A player generally refers to someone who is not interested in developing a worthwhile relationship with one particular partner but instead impresses numerous partners for personal and momentary gains. So, how exactly do players work?


Players tend to put a lot of emphasis in their appearance. They know that they need to make a good, if not great impression to grab your attention. Well, not all well-groomed people are players but the truth is that most players will leave no detail to chance. They dress immaculately with primary goal to leave a lasting impression on their targets.

Communication and Interaction

Most players tend to be just too smooth. They always know the right thing to say and when to say it. It may seem that they are interested in you and that you flow together but the truth is that they will always attempt to steer the conversation in their intended direction to ensure control. They avoid any personal topics and will mostly concentrate on general matters. You will also notice that when it comes to sensitive topics concerning the relationship they begin to shy away or grasp for answers.

They also appear as being very friendly to conceal their motives. Players will often flirt around; it is one of their best tools to get you ‘caught up’ in their game. Flirting, however, can be a harmless trait in some people. You are also likely to observe some inconsistencies in communication whenever dealing with a player. These inconsistencies will often lack solid explanations. One day they are texting and calling every five minutes and the next day they are completely silent.

When and where you hangout

Most players are always the ones to arrange a date. Your time does not count to them and they will only see you when they want to. Remember that you are just one of the many dates; your dating requests are likely to always be turned down. Other than choosing the time you get to see each other, players will always insist on certain venues and avoid others. In fact, most of them avoid going out and insist on spending time alone.

Who are his friends?

The player makes sure that very few people if any are aware of your relationship. They barely introduce their friends nor mention their friends to their partners. As stated earlier, they want you to know very little about their private lives and introducing friends into the relationship may just spoil their game. You will notice that some players will even slip away when receiving calls and reveal very little information when talking to ‘their friends’.

How Do You Recognize The Player?



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