The Perfect Partner

The thought of being or having been deceived is one of the worst feelings anyone can experience, especially if the individual is an extremely close loved one. Sadly, the deep psychological impact this plays afterward on a victim can be lifelong. This is a crucial reason that understanding the deception of the perfect partner can be the forefront of you moving on. Hopefully, this insight into the mindset of this mental and emotional torture may also prevent other people from doing the exact same thing; causing emotional trauma.

In fact, not only can infidelity crush someone's heart but it means that your entire existence with this person is then brought into question. You wonder..." what else is he/she lying about?" or "is this even who I thought this person was?". Now all these things stick inside your head every time you talk to someone. For most people, it's hard enough to give someone that amount of trust, to have it stripped away by that same someone’s disloyalty can be tremendously disheartening.

The Deception

The added aspect of the person having a secret life constantly weighs on your mind. Avoiding this trap is KEY. Don't get sucked into this because letting your guard down too soon is how you get sucked into love's ‘black hole’, leaving you with a broken sense of reality. That is why the truth is the most important aspect in every relationship, whether it's platonic or not. This is a common occurrence that most people don't understand. Listen, a lie is a lie, and to allow it to go unchecked will hurt that person and you detrimentally. So the emotional consequences inflicted by the deception of the perfect partner can ruin a person's life forever.

Hidden Hurts

It's well documented that a victim of betrayal is known to carry a mindset of constant paranoia throughout their relational life unless it's dealt with. To deal with this, a person must face what went wrong and must NOT blame themselves for someone else's inability to control and admit to their own infidelity. To establish an inner-defense is necessary to guarding against this. Not every individual you encounter in life is truthful, honest or loyal. Remember to never let your guard down too soon, but never keep your guard up too long. As long as you remain true to yourself, you can prevent this kind of hurt, because you have given nothing away but the truth. Over a period of time, a person will reveal their real selves, you can't pry it out of them so don’t try.

Try Honesty

This is the reason the deception of the perfect partner can potentially take an emotional toll on someone. The truth will prevent these problems from arising at all. Your foundation, when based on honesty, the relationship will rest on honesty. When you've been mutually true to one another, you can help yourself. Becoming a better human being will help your partner become a better, (not perfect), person as well.


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