You Are The One

We all date for one reason, the reason of finding The One. Sure, there may be many different goals for our dating along the way, goals that range from more- to- less serious, and vice versa. But the end game is the same. Everyone knows, deep down, that there's one single perfect person out there for them. We don't always say it, but we're thinking it. It's in the back of your mind during each and every date you go on.

These days, most of us seem to be putting off marriage for later and later in life. Does this mean that it's somehow more difficult, in today's society, to find The One? You be the judge... one thing is for sure, though. The more we date, the more we learn. After each gut-wrenching, heart-breaking farewell, we come through with a stronger sense of self, a stronger knowledge of what we want, a clearer vision of what The One must look like, inside and out. That's why you must be sure to appreciate what makes you different to be strong enough to find The One.

Don't Hide Your Hurt

Exes have a way of making us feel bad about ourselves. Hey, it's a breakup; being down in the dumps is gonna be quite unavoidable. Everyone faces it in different ways, but however, you feel comfortable expressing it, allow yourself to feel those blues. Don't hide from the things he or she said that made you feel so crummy; remember them. And now, as you're remembering them, remind yourself of this: they only sound bad because he (or she) was saying them. Nothing is as bad as your ex-made it sound. You are amazing, and your flaws are all part of what make you who you are. Appreciate what makes you different; your ex-didn't appreciate you, and that's his (or her) misfortune.

Appreciate What Makes You Different

The One will walk into your life one day, or maybe they already have, and you (and they) just don't know it yet. But they're going to recognize you as the strong, beautiful person who knows themselves inside and out, including flaws, and differences. When you love yourself, you're irresistible, especially to the right person. Recognize your differences. Appreciate what makes you different from everyone else out there. These differences will shine with beauty and your heart will open when it is, and you are, ready.

Embrace your unique path to love


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