Finally, the new you!

Have you ever rushed through an airport in desperation to catch that flight? You arrived just a little bit later than you would like. Rushing to the ticket counter, dragging that heavy roll-away suitcase behind you with a crooked wheel that keeps pulling you to the left. Frustrating. By the time you have made your mad dash and arrive, there is an amusement park-like line snaking back 30 or 40 people deep. Finally, the new you has begun to evolve.

This, I would dare say, has happened to most of us more than once. Airports are not fun, and just when we think we beat the crowd, there is another line. Once we slug our way through that line, we have the next maze of a security line (yikes!) Well folks, life is a series of lines. We reach one point of success, only to be standing in line behind the nerdy guy wearing the Captain America t-shirt in the movie theater line.

“Walter Mitty: I live by the ABCs: Adventurous, Brave, Creative”. –The Secret life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Are You Ready For The New You?

Success means different things to all of us. For me, it’s finding the tiny magnifying glass toy in the Cracker Jack box. It means different things to different folks. It is always the perception game, isn’t it? We do not always know what we want, and it changes all the time. It feels, sometimes, like we are chasing our own tails, but the great thing is we are constantly evolving. Are you ready for the new you? I certainly am.

It is said that our bodies completely replaces itself every 7-10 years. The approximately, 70 trillion cells of our body entirely renew over that time. Essentially we have a new body. A new set of organs… Including a new heart, by the way. OK, super-science nerds don’t write me on this! I’m sure this is probably up for debate, but let me enjoy this fantastic idea at least! What I really enjoy about the idea is having a new set of eyes and a new heart every 7 years or so. It is like hitting the reset button. Great idea, isn’t it? Regardless of the fact or fiction of this, we all have chances to renew ourselves every day.

An Awareness Perspective

After recently losing a parent, I took a step back to reevaluate. I did not feel mortality suddenly coming on. Nothing as cliché as that. Our time here is finite and I have no illusions about it. What I did want to evaluate, and it shouldn’t be prompted by the death of a parent, is my accomplishments and goals. I’m not in a competition, but there are things I would like to accomplish before calcium deficiency sidelines me! Taking time to see where we stand at a given point in our lives is helpful in achieving our goals and dreams. Awareness is always important and getting through our daily work and commitment fog can be a hindrance to it.

Our body may transform itself every 7 years, but if we are not careful it will leave the 'real’ us behind. What I realized, during my self-examination, is that I had accomplished a lot and at the core, I’m a decent person. Good news. And I say this because we all forget it from time to time. The portrayal of negative self-images in the media bombards us with negativity constantly. Since the 7 year 'new body' theory thing, I have become incredibly fascinated about the rebirth of the new me. I do not have a magic clock that rings off at the end of the 7 years, so I am just going to say, my rebirth was today. I am the new me.

We will make our first 7-year new body commitment today. It doesn’t mean we stop being held to our commitments or dedication to our careers, but it does mean we have to start thinking about taking care of ourselves. Part of making sure we live full and happy lives is to make sure we have fun. I know, what the heck is that? You could start by smiling. That is a little better… Try again, that last smile looked more like you had a bit of gas. OK, that is much better. Hold it for a moment or two. Not too much, uh stop.., now it just looks creepy! Practice that a bit, will ya?

"Life is like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending." -Jim Henson

A smile is a great way to start the day. A lot of us wake up grumpy in the morning, especially on Mondays. Especially on Mondays. We forget to be happy. Happiness is about being alive. Wake up with a smile, it really works. The new you is contagious and this is a disease worth spreading. Take time out of your day to share the new you. I’m not talking about a crazy 'smile-cult' thing. I mean share your smile, and give out a few encouraging words to those around you. It really does make a difference.

Think back to the times that someone shared a smile or passed on an encouraging word. During your worst days, these little things make a huge difference. It is amazing how less stressful work is when your happy and those around you know it. Part of this new you is making sure you maintain it. Being alive is hard work, and being happier, sometimes, is even harder. You will have bad days, as we all do. Remind yourself of yourself. What I mean is, just be aware when you are in a funk. It is easier to find the smile again when you do. Practice living in the moment.

Now Change Your Profile

The new you is about deciding where you want to focus all of your energy, and this is no exception when it comes to the dating scene. Now that you have shed the old, ugly skin of low self-esteem and sadness, it is time to reevaluate your dating goals as well. Take a moment to go back into your online dating profile. That profile, after all, is the old you and needs some attention. Give it a fresh coat of paint. I was amazed how many things I changed in my own profile. My priorities and who I was looking for changed a lot more than I thought. Change your profile pictures as well. After all, this is the new you. Show off that new and improved smile and self-confidence. The new you is finally here.

Happy Birthday!


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