What Is The Happiness Factor?

If only we could all be given a nickel for how many times we would have been asked if we were happy, especially when asked regarding our relationships. Couples always talk about everlasting happiness, without realizing the fact that the happiness factor is also ephemeral. As we move on with life, our priorities change and so does the quantum of happiness. Just as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, happiness is in the mind of an individual and more a matter of perception. Thus, the happiness factor.

For instance, even the tiniest things like a warm hug or giving a rose or watching the rain together while expressing one's love can make his or her loved one happy. However, to a couple who have experienced these things, the game completely changes. Man's basic nature to want more and more is not easily satiated and this holds true for most relationships.

Happy Moments Fade

We all have those happy moments which are filled with fun and frolic. But then even as we try to experience and capture its essence, a wet blanket could dampen the whole thing. It could be your partner's annoying habit. The change in climate. A sudden phone call, a knock on the door from an unwanted visitor. Your soaring expectations or even your own self. So what do you do if it rains on your parade to make sure the happiness factor still lingers?

There, is your answer. Happiness is always in the moment, it is after-all the state of being content. It is all in the mind and yet it sails away in a flash. What really matters is how you are able to seize that moment and store the picture-perfect memories in a pocket of your brain. Re-create those magical moments, whenever the happiness factor threatens to move the lines.

Your partner or you can never run after true happiness but can only believe that it actually lies in your hands. What counts the most is your ability to not let it slip through your fingers, giving way to discord.

Appreciation Is Key

Running after the state of happiness is not necessary when you are able to appreciate the finer aspects and cherish even the little joys of your relationship. We all need to work on our relationship and ensure it is a happy place for both involved.

And remember, the happiness factor will fade away someday and other emotions will take over as the cycle of life keeps changing.



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