The Meaning And The Goal Of Life

Please bear with me while I attempt to define and describe for you what has seemingly become the undefinable and the indescribable which is….. ‘RELATIONSHIP’.

When we’ve lost everything tangible including our health, at that precise moment, what do we have left???


Where does the meaning of life come from? What is the goal of our existence here on earth?

The meaning of existence is our “commitment” to relationship, with God first, then with one another. The statement that “God IS Love” means that at the most foundational level of His Being, God has a commitment to relationship. Once again, it is our relationship with God, and our relationships with one another that allow us to experience THE LOVE OF GOD. Godly relationship is first vertical (with God) and then horizontal (with others), which forms a cross. Therefore, relationship is always SACRIFICIAL.

The reason that fear and insecurity are such severe emotional issues is because they entail the feeling of rejection and rejection represents the feeling of being “separated” from God’s Love. When we attempt to build relationships solely based on those “feelings” rather than the love of God, rejection and broken relationships become a pattern while growing into maturity. So by the time we are adults all we know is pain and brokenness as the result of experiencing relationship.

Then a systemic problem arises when we begin to “look” for another human being to fix us (marriage/relationship) rather than being made a ‘new creature’ in Christ. We marry or connect (for some, hook-up) with another ‘broken’ person, put them in the place of God, expect them to fix what’s broken in us, and all hell begins to break loose. IN OTHER WORDS, OUR MARRIAGES AND RELATIONSHIPS IN GENERAL BECOME A LIVING HELL!

How can one broken person fix another broken person?........It's IMPOSSIBLE!

Well, if the meaning of life is “right” relationship with God and with one another, there first has to be a “commitment” until the “fix” is completed. And that commitment must be as follows:

“But Ruth said, “Don’t force me to leave you; don’t make me go home. Where you go, I go; and where you live, I’ll live. Your people are my people, your God is my God; where you die, I’ll die, and that’s where I’ll be buried, so help me God—not even death itself is going to come between us!” (The Book Of Ruth, Message Bible)

The real reason that many couples don’t make it through the “fixing” process is that there’s not this depth of commitment. This level of commitment creates a “bond” that supernaturally “links” people together. This “bond” is what generates the trust and nurturing necessary for the “fixing” process to be completed by God. The “bond” linking people together in PEACE and TRUST “IS” RELATIONSHIP.

Here then is our current dilemma. We attempt to establish relationship primarily by and through- NEGOTIATION

Relationships cannot be nurtured through negotiation. Negotiation strains relationships. In negotiation each side gives as little as possible, then waits for the next round in hopes of getting more and giving less. Negotiation generates competition, NOT PEACE and COOPERATION. It produces adversaries rather than producing friendships. In negotiation one must lead by strength. To be vulnerable in negotiation is bad business. But relationships built on commitment (Ruth) and God’s love produce HIS love and forgiveness. In this kind of relationship somebody has to be vulnerable, to lead from weakness, to give in, to be willing to lose (which is repulsive to our egos).

Committed, Godly relationships are NOT based on a 50/50 principle. Someone has to be willing to submit ALL the way. What is more valuable than a peaceful, productive, positive Godly relationship? Love and forgiveness are costly, but they are the price of healthy, successful relationships. That is why it is so easy to talk peace, and so costly to really HAVE peace.


The ‘Prince Of Peace’ sacrificed His Life to establish peace while Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in his pursuit of PEACE. Therefore, the sacrifice will be great when you commit to becoming a PEACEMAKER in your relationships.

Relationship Is The Meaning And The Goal Of Life

By Theodore Lovelace


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