The Chase

Ladies and gentlemen, answer a simple question, do you like to have things handed to you, or do you prefer working for it? Having things given to you makes you more likely to take it for granted, and to not value what you’ve been given. If you work for something, you’re bound to treasure it, and really understand what you have. This not only works for money and gifts, but relationships as well. It may be fun to get that person the very first time you meet them, but some love the excitement of The Chase.

Working towards achieving the relationship with that special someone, can not only be fun, but riveting. If you’re one who likes to work for something, then chasing after the one you want, should be a small task in the big scheme of things. Maybe as a man, you’ll take roses and candy to the girl you want, and leave them at her front door with a note that only hints, it’s from you. Ladies may give a man the impression that they are interested, but hold back their true feelings, in order to feel out the guy’s interest in her. These things lead to a chase. And the chase always leads to the deepening of interest and intrigue.

Some prefer to be chased

Some prefer to be chased, and some don’t mind chasing their prey. Chasing a potential mate is no different from a cheetah running down an antelope in the wild. If you know what you want, you’ll go for it and hold onto it for dear life! When chasing the one you want, it’s always best to know what they want and are interested in as well. By knowing their likes, and dislikes, it helps you to get to know the person as well as draw closer to them. Since it’s not always possible to just ask, there are ways to find this information out without directly going up to him or her and asking.

Have fun with the chase, ask coworkers or friends what the person likes or their personal interests. Drop off little notes or cards at their desk at work, or front door at home, just letting them know that you’re thinking of them. There are ways to get their attention and chase after them without being harassing. If you truly like this person and feel that they can be the one for you, go after them, but make sure to be gentle in your pursuit, until the time comes where you can be a bit more aggressive. Eventually, the other person may cave in, or turn you away.

No matter the end result, just enjoy the chase!


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