That Special Someone

If you’re in a dating relationship, maybe you’re dating several people casually at one time, or maybe the one you’re dating is doing this. If you just casually go out with someone to see if it can go further, there is nothing wrong with it. As long as it stays completely mutual and friendly, both parties should be able to walk away if it becomes necessary. What happens when you find ‘that special someone’ but they don’t feel the same way about you? This can be very frustrating and even kill your self-esteem. This happens all the time, but there is a way for you to be ‘that special someone’.

When you find that special someone

When you find the one that you truly want to be with you, you first have to start to get to know them. If you’re dating casually, it’s always best not to involve sex in the relationship because it will complicate things. Get to know the person on a social, as well as intellectual level first. Find out what they like and dislike, places they like to go, things they like to do, and interests that they pursue. When you know certain things about someone, you will find out if you can adapt to them and to help yourself be ‘that special someone’ for them. Most people know what they like in someone, and it’s usually people who like the same things as they do.

Opposites don't always attract

This may seem selfish to expect someone else to have your same interests at heart, but the fact is, a lot of relationships are based on mutual interests. The saying, “opposites attract,” is not always true and can even lead to devastating consequences. There are always exceptions to the rules, but if you’re truly looking to be ‘that special someone’ for your significant other, you’ll know if that’s possible by being able to adapt to what they like. No one is saying that you should be a sucker or a doormat for the other person. If you both genuinely have the same interests, it will come naturally anyway, so sometimes there is no need to adapt.

When you've found that special someone

For the other person to be ‘that special someone‘, they must also know your interests as well. If the two of you mesh together well, then you both can go far in a relationship, and maybe even end up getting married. In life, when you truly want to be with someone, it’s natural to want to learn to please them, and if they love you, they will also want to please you.


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