Surviving Divorce

Ending your marriage, after being together for a number of years, can be really painful for everyone involved, irrespective of who caused the divorce. But the toughest part is getting your life back on track after a divorce. Whether you have started processing your divorce or you are struggling to find a way back to normalcy, remembering which way was up can be really hard especially if have children. So here are 5 tips for Surviving Divorce.

1. Acknowledge what is going on.

Surviving divorce means changing every aspect of your life. All these changes at once can create uncertainty and confusion; which is a lot for your body & mind to cope with. And for some people, accepting all these changes can be almost impossible, so the 1st thing you need to do is acknowledge what has just happened and get some professional help.

2. Don’t blame yourself for the failure of your marriage.

A divorce is never caused by one spouse’s mistake, irrespective of how you feel about it. It’s caused by various mistakes which you or your ex-spouse did, so don’t blame yourself. This way you will get over it faster and start taking care of your children while focusing on your future.

3. Avoid anyone who picked sides.

At times even your friends and family members might decide that your spouse was right and choose their side. And they will make sure that you never forget what you did, so try not-to-be hurt by these individuals or just avoid them. Instead, take this opportunity to find out who really loves you.

4. Join a support network.

Life can be very lonely after a divorce and no single advice or strategy can help ease your pain and loss. So to help you cope with your current situation, you can join a support network or form your own support group. Sharing with various divorce survivors can really teach you how to handle your emotions and the new challenges that will come your way.

5. Don’t dwell too much on what happened.

The time before a divorce might have been the toughest and most painful time of your marriage. And leaving your spouse, children and the life that you had built for yourselves can be really painful. But letting go can be almost impossible for some people, so instead of focusing on these past memories each time you're alone, try to move on and create some wonderful new memories. Get a new hobby or call a friend each time you feel lonely when surviving divorce.


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