Happiness and Satisfaction

People would rather believe that you are depressed and unhappy than happy, as happiness is an unnatural state. A person can actually be happier than any other living creature because they have a conscience. People have nothing to lose except sadness and dissatisfaction. Still, many are intensely holding onto it. They are not aware that even if they had the whole world, they would not be happy if they lost their "inner treasure."  It is important that people are aware, otherwise, they will think happiness and satisfaction are the same. So they try to achieve happiness with physical satisfaction. This satisfaction is physical and superficial, always depending on someone or something else.

We need to be cautious of what we wish for, the more we have, the stronger the feeling is that we are still missing something. When something is accomplished, saturation comes fast, because our mind is always seeks something new, luring us into the future, so we miss the beauty of the moment.

The wonder of the present.  

Happiness is physical, but joy is a spiritual concept. Joy comes from inside and has nothing to do with anything outside of us. The feeling of bliss, again, means that we have reached the core of our being, where there is no ego. The problem is that we are looking for satisfaction outside of us, instead of inside, and in fact, it's always there, but we get distracted from reality seeking more stuff. This happiness we know is not true; which can, at any time, turn into a disaster. Only when anger, greed, ambition, jealousy,  and possessiveness disappear, we will feel energy released inside us, which will become our true joy.

Joy implies making peace with yourself, which is difficult
at first. Don’t run away from pain, sorrow, indignation, and rejection, just
understand them. Things that come from outside cannot produce joy. Happenings will
make you happy temporarily, but joy is everlasting. When we look to be
entertained constantly, it means that we have no joy, because only bored and unhappy
people always need to be entertained.

Joy does not tolerate control.

Societal control through entertainment does not work on people who seek ecstasy, because it can only control those who are bored and unhappy. Ecstatic people are free, no one can make them mental slaves. We destroy children's curious minds, as they did to us. Society makes us ambitious in our desire to be happy, and in fact, we can be for the moment. Being joyful has nothing to do with owning things. Animals are content and they have no money. Joy is craziness. An ordinary man is sober, smart, calculating, controlled and cannot afford to be joyful. Society cannot control joy. You must lose control to feel joy. 

Why we do not leave sadness?

Because sadness feeds the ego, and people pay more attention to us. When we are sad, we are part of the masses. They forced us to get serious, and as we depended on others, we did what we were told. Misery does love company. The simplest thing is to be what you are, just get rid of expectations imposed on you.  We create problems ourselves, from that hill we create mountains. We need to think about why we do what we do. Ego needs problems when self-imposed problems disappear you will immediately experience life. The solution is simple - decide not to make problems for yourself! We should learn to play, sing, and be a little bit crazy. Then the energy would flow through us and our problems would soon disappear.  Whenever you blame someone else for your own dissatisfaction, you are not aware that you are losing your freedom by giving others responsibility for yourself.

Unfortunately, many are dissatisfied because in their lives
they have become what others expect from them, not what they desired for
themselves. Personal happiness is the most important ‘accomplished’ people, and
they are not willing to sacrifice that for something greater. Stop comparing
yourself with others, don’t act anymore, don’t be like others. Just be real. 

Get Your House In Order

First, arrange your internal house. Global problems arise first in the souls of people. People are in chaos internally, and the world is the sum total of all our chaos. Don’t try to solve the world's problems, first arrange your own house… yourself. The problem is not poverty, but greed, the problem is not war, but aggression and neurosis of those seeking happiness at all costs. If everyone as an individual sought pure joy, the world would change for the better. Accept yourself as you are, do not adjust to other people’s impression of you. Just be authentic and you will experience joy. Forget about winning and losing, life is not a game. Do not covet material things. We come into this world with empty hands and we will leave this world with empty hands. The only thing we can take when we leave is the joyful memories we made.


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