A Strong Foundation

There are so many reasons as to why relationships fail, why people end up getting frustrated and heartbroken after a relationship and some even swear not to ever date again. The cause of these reasons becoming fact is that most people do not build a strong relationship foundation. Blaming the other person isn’t necessary as many are not even aware of Building a Strong Relationship Foundation when starting out.

Tips for building a strong relationship-

Be yourself when building a strong relationship

This is vital especially in the early stages of a relationship. Being yourself helps you to know and accept the real personality of the other person. Pretending to be someone else makes a false impression that may lead to a break up later on.

Do not rush things when building a strong relationship

It would be unwise when starting a relationship to rush into things. Avoid going to bed too soon as this kills a relationship that otherwise would have lasted. Spending time together is advisable as you get to bond and appreciate each other. It is however not advisable that you spend every minute together, as you still need time with friends and taking care of your personal affairs. That time away will make you more curious about your partner and your partner more curious about you, and this can be exciting as you work towards understanding and discovering each other. Let things unfold slowly as nature has a way of doing.

Maintain a friendship when building a strong relationship

A friendship forms the best foundation for any relationship that is destined to be long term. Any lasting strong relationship is established on a close friendship. It is vital for a dating couple to value each other as friends first and that way the relationship is almost guaranteed to work. If a relationship is built on friendship but, for whatever reason, fails to work, then hatred and animosity generally don't set in since the couple treasures what they have as friends.

Learn to handle conflict 

Conflict can be avoided, but cannot be totally eliminated. Being in a strong relationship means that two people, with totally different personalities, are expected to love each other unconditionally. Conflicts and disagreements are very likely to happen and so you should learn to handle them. They should also provide a platform for your growth. Be gentle and kind while airing out any frustrations to your partner.

Communicate when building a strong relationship

Another very vital aspect of any relationship is open communication. It is important that you learn how to approach each other and converse often. This way conflicts will be reduced. Being open to each other will help you to appreciate one another’s, gifts, thoughts, ambitions, and fears, and most importantly connect the two of you in a special way.

Building a Strong Relationship Foundation

Theodore Lovelace


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