Stop Worrying

Aristotle the great philosopher once said that a healthy body and a healthy mind were somehow connected, but this idea has traveled a rocky road ever since he said that. Your state of mind is capable of improving the body’s immune system and helps you live longer. So, live long by avoiding worry and other stress triggers. You cannot change one hair (if you have any), by worry. So stop worrying!

What Is The Immune System?

Your body is protected by millions of fighting units that are in your bloodstream. These units consist of groups of soldiers, each with a specific function. Your central control department can order more soldiers if your body is attacked by a disease. You are at peace when the numbers are reduced and the soldiers become patrols. A positive emotional state without worry, a healthy diet, and physical fitness can stimulate and strengthen your body’s immune system. Consequently, diseases and excessive stress can weaken the immune system. This is the system responsible for your life.

How Emotions Can Affect The Immune System

Studies have shown that thoughts and emotions directly influence the mind, which, in turn, affects the body in a powerful way. There are reports of people who strongly believed they were going to die on a certain day and they did, although there was no direct cause to be found. So, you can live longer and cure yourself by thinking nice thoughts. Keep an eye on your attitude and you will live longer, S and stop worrying and manufacturing negative thoughts. King Solomon said, a cheerful heart is a good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

How Can Feelings Affect Your Health?

Some experts refer to it as the placebo effect. A positive mind can stimulate the production of endorphin, which are mysterious substances that are manufactured by the brain to create a remarkable feeling of well being. Let’s illustrate the placebo effect with a short story.

Working late one night, a doctor was overcome by sleepiness. The doctor remembered that his secretary keeps a flask of instant coffee in her room. He drank some of the coffee and within 10 minutes he was fully energized and his nervous system was fully stimulated. The boost lasted for 3 hours, which was the time that he needed to complete his night shift. The next morning he confessed to the secretary who listened intently and began to smile. The coffee the doctor drank was actually decaffeinated. The doctor gained back his energy by only believing that he had drunk 'caffeinated' coffee – this is the placebo effect.

Happiness vs Disease

In conclusion, studies have shown that the happier some people were in their marriages and relationships the stronger their immune defenses were and as a result, they lived longer.

So stop worrying.





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