Stop Doubting Yourself

"Every man dies but not every man lives" were some really wise words thrown in the iconic film "Braveheart". The title of this article is my version of this quote. Living in a third world country, I have seen some pretty harsh circumstances throughout my life. Nothing went smooth for me. From academic struggle to lack of clean water to drink. You name it. My reason for giving you this background information about myself is very simple. Chances are, if you are reading this article, then we can relate very well. Our battles might be different but the impact they have on our mental health is more or less, identical. To succeed in life, you must stop doubting yourself.

You may have noticed that each hardship that you faced lasted for a particular period of time. It did not really last forever. You didn't get the grades you wanted in middle school but you ended up graduating college anyway. You were depressed when you had your first break-up but you are now happily married to the man/woman of your dreams. But there is always one common variable in all of these. "Self-Doubt". It is possible that you faced this messenger of misery at every step of your life.

Self-Doubt, What Is It?

So what is Self-Doubt really? It is that meaningless whisper that tells an athlete, "Your body is not ready", before that big game. It is that mental voice that tells you, "You forgot everything", before your big exam. Even when you're celebrating your greatest triumph, it is that voice which murmurs, "You got lucky this time but it won’t last”. Basically, it is that one voice which always tries to convince you that you're not good enough, not well prepared, not worthy, or not deserving.

Graveyard Dreams

Listen to Les Brown when he says that the wealthiest place on Earth is the graveyard. For it is filled with inventions that were never exposed. Ideas and dreams that never became reality. Aspirations and ambitions that were never acted upon. Why do you think? Self-Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever well.

It is about time you realize that half of the times you thought you failed in life, were just mental affirmations induced by self-doubt. Circumstances maybe harsh but not as harsh as the feeling of hopelessness kindled by Self-Doubt. The moment you commit to silencing this voice is the moment you began to take control of your life. 80% of the battle is won in the mind. The rest is action.

You Have Permission to Start Living

It is very important to understand that "failure" is a big word thrown around by small men. Men who themselves never achieved anything in their lives because they were a victim of self-doubt or just not dedicated enough. The inability to do a particular task cannot be labelled by a single word. There are too many variables involved. Circumstances, aptitude, and disabilities. Einstein might as well be famous for his quote, "You cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree". And to succeed, you must stop doubting yourself.

You Are Here For A Reason

Every time we fail at something, we should only look to it as a chance to begin again. Yes, the disappointment is inevitable. But it should subside quickly. Your passion to want something should be greater than your fear of failing at it. It is only then when you can look through the veil of the ever-succulent self-doubt and marvel at the beauty of what you want to achieve. Living is not just breathing, eating and reproducing. You came here for a reason. Living is pursuing that reason no matter what hardships befall you.

I truly hope this article helps you in identifying and shunning that inner voice of self-doubt the next time you face it. Better yet, I hope it helps you "live" because that is the surest way to stop doubting yourself.


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