Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

How many of us look at other people's lives and wonder how they are living such a blessed, happy life while we are sitting here rusting away in a hell of pain, fear and torment? Almost all of us at some point, right? It's actually engraved in human nature to want what the other person has and it's totally normal to feel that way. It just so happens to be not a 'good normal', so stop comparing.

What is, however, not normal is letting this thought take control of our lives. What we must always, always, always ( I cannot emphasize more on the "always" ) remember is that every single person's life is like a cotton ball with only the outer covering exposed to us. We can only see a part of that cotton ball (in this case the outer cover) and not really what lies deep within. Sometimes the displayed part is filled with happy times and sometimes it's not. Regardless of which time is on display, at the end of the day, it is still, just 10% of what is really happening in that person's life.

Everyone Has Issues

We all have our own struggles, our own demons, our own fears and our own "happiness bubbles". If you really want to live a life without being a slave of your own mind and a prisoner in your own body, then the first step is to stop comparing. You will never come across a single person in your entire lifetime whose story you are completely aware of. We all are on our way to something and as each of us is walking down a different path; we all have different hurdles whether they arise in the form of relationships, money, career or something else. Rather than comparing, we should focus on what we have and try to build an empire from that.

A Way Out

What we must always remember is that if a problem arises, so does a situation. In the beginning it all seems hopeless and overwhelming but there is ALWAYS a way out, you just have to see it!There is absolutely no pain greater than the pain a soul cannot bear and likewise, there is no situation worse than a situation that a person cannot change for the better. With enough determination and hope, you can, without a doubt, improve your situations regardless of how bad they are because hope and faith, when coupled with will, can surely move mountains. So, bottom line is: rather than feeling sorry for yourself, expend that energy on thinking of ways that you can make your life better with the already-present-assets because you are, at the end of the day, the creator of your own fate.

Stop Comparing and Complaining


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