Impact of Spiritual Principles

Spiritual principles are usually associated with our religion. These principles are fundamental laws of humanity that are echoed by every religion that guides man in the right direction. While these principles and guidelines flow from our religious studies, they are more philosophical in origin. They are the base on which human thoughts and global spirituality have evolved.

Principles or Concepts

While many people state spiritual principles as concepts, these need to be differentiated from mere concepts like the ones we study about in mathematics, science, and other subjects. While principles are akin to concepts which lay the ground rule in different cases, spiritual principles need to do much more, becoming the basis by which we lead our lives and draw meaning of all that occurs in our human existence.

Spiritual Impact of Gratitude

For instance, the spiritual principle of gratitude. Gratitude should not remain as a concept only to be extended to those who give us something. Indeed, the principle is so much more than that. Gratitude needs to be inculcated in every moment of our lives. When we realize all that we are given. The ability to breathe, function normally, and lead a normal life. As opposed to those who are less fortunate than us or others who have the same gifts taken away from their lives suddenly. The principle of gratitude when included in everyday life, makes every day to day experience more meaningful and helps us to remove the petty resentments and complaints, indignation, anger, and impatience that we feel as we go about our lives. When we consider it, we should be grateful for everything we have received. And for all the things that haven't overtaken us.

Similar is the concept of humility which can only explain how we need to die to ourselves and look at the needs or the viewpoints of others. Simply knowing the concept of humility will probably not lead to the true significance of this spiritual principle unfolding in our lives. Practicing the principle of humility means being neutral, of letting go of the mindless striving of proving yourself to others. The feeling of humility in its true sense can be liberating as it removes the constraints of self and ego. You find creative energies within yourself which help you to grow as a person, appreciating what others have to give. Practicing true humility would tremendously enhance all our relationships.

Thus, when incorporating spiritual principles not merely as concepts but as daily practices. Helping one to experience life every moment. We should realize the richness of what we have and the tremendous fortunes that are bestowed upon us.

Spiritual Principles


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