Snap Crackle Pop

Many people spend a lot of time trying to find “THE ONE”. You need to first take an assessment of what you want in a potential partner. Many people focus solely on looks or personality. While these two things are important, it is crucial to be able to find the whole package so that you can have a long standing relationship. Here is some information on how to have relationships that go snap crackle pop!

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Funny

Many people are not themselves when they try to ask someone out on a date. You should not be afraid to be funny. People like authentic behavior. If you try too hard or come on too strong then this can read as being fake which many people will avoid. You have to be able to take risks in order to reap a huge reward. Dating can be tiresome at times because you feel as though you are putting so much effort in but you are not making a strong enough first impression.

Avoid Getting Attached Too Soon

Many people fail at relationships because they get too invested too quickly. You can scare off people with this type of behavior. You need to have things in common such as goals and behavioral traits but you also need to evolve as a couple as well. A relationship is about two people growing together. If you try to rush this, then you will not have a true love.

Be Spontaneous

People love spontaneous acts of affection. You can dance with your partner in the aisles of grocery stores, send them flowers, dress up in crazy superhero costumes and surprise them with breakfast in bed, sing them love songs via phone and email them love poems. Relationships can really sizzle when you put a lot of effort into keeping them fresh. People like to be wooed. If a relationship becomes too boring, then you will not be able to hold the person’s attention for years to come. You need to channel your own creativity and show your partner your appreciation every day.

Communicate Each Day

You will never get far in a relationship if you cannot communicate effectively. The best relationships are ones where you have an equal amount of give and take so that no one individual feels slighted in the least. You need to focus on the positive because if you dwell on the negative then the person will feel inadequate. The relationships that go snap, crackle, pop are the ones that keep being renewed so that the commitment can stand the test of time.

Snap Crackle Pop


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