Since the beginning of time men and women have been having relationship issues regarding who “thinks” they’re in control and who “actually” controls the relationship. The balance of a good relationship is never equal, seeing as there is always a varying level of give and take. The problem arises though when the other half of the relationship insists on enforcing complete dominance over the entire relationship. Here are some major Signs of a Control Freak…….

Dating A Control Freak

The first and most apparent signs of a control freak are when a couple begins dating and one of the partners seems to live by the motto of it being their way. They always assume their idea is right without giving any thought to the validity of their partner’s opinion. If things don’t go as they expect, things can get toxic and ugly really quickly. It’s obvious that there will be times during an argument or discussion when one side is right and the other wrong, but if a partner is constantly finding themselves on the losing side of the battle and are browbeaten into recession or submission, there’s obviously something wrong with the situation.

In a productive healthy relationship there is balance and situations are never one sided, and one member should never expect to assert their power over another. If a person is expected to hang on the others every word, without taking their own feelings or concerns into account, then they are most likely dating a control freak.

Another one of the major signs of a control freak in a relationship is evidenced by one half always feeling the need to know who the other person is with, where the other person is going, what the other person is doing, how long the other person is doing it, why the other person is doing it, and so on. They desire their partner’s presence 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and if they aren’t together they must know every single detail of events and whereabouts during their time apart. While they expect this from their partner, it is next to impossible for them to offer the same consideration to their other half in return and when pressed for the information it is likely they’ll lash out or explode. They’ll do anything to put the blame on their partner for being so insecure and may even resort to belittling them until the entire thing is swept under the carpet: out of sight, out of mind.

It is important for anyone in a relationship where signs of a control freak are apparent to realize that they don’t have to continue in a suppressive relationship. A relationship is supposed to be an equal opportunity partnership between two people that doesn’t necessarily have to be 50/50, but it should at least be a communion in which both people can feel comfortable and safe with being themselves and having their own ideas and opinions. A quality relationship should resemble a happy union more so than a one sided dictatorship.

Dating A Control Freak


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