The benefits of Sexual Abstinence when dating: Depending on your religion, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘no sex before marriage’ or something along those lines, but what if you’re not religious? What other benefits could there be to a non-sexual relationship? There are the other obvious reasons such as avoiding a ‘surprise’ pregnancy and just as important, avoiding sexually transmitted infections, but if you are in a safe and trusting relationship the latter hopefully shouldn’t matter.

Sexual Abstinence

Sexual abstinence, as of very recently, is fast becoming increasingly popular with young and older people. So let’s kick it off with the ability to relax around your partner and be strong in the comfort of knowing there will be no pressure or no awkwardness towards each other. In a relationship it is good to know that your partner loves you for who you are on the inside and out and not what you can give them sexually.

Studies have shown that people who are having sex are more likely to breakup / divorce whereas couples that aren’t engaging in sexual relations are more likely to increase their chances of being happy with their partner. Connect with your partner on an emotional level, sex can take away from that sometimes. Couples that are having sex may not have the experience of connecting on other levels, and learn how to love each other inside and out, rather than be driven by lust. Those driven by lust are more likely to fail, once the sexual appetite has subsided you realize there’s nothing for you and that you possibly have nothing in common……… and that will hurt.

You may have been together for years or maybe even less, but knowing that the person you thought you loved, the person you let in, is not who you think, can be very painful. No sex in a relationship can also mean less heartbreak if your relationship doesn’t work out, though it will still hurt, it won’t leave you feeling used and worthless.

Be happy with who you are and make sure the person you choose to live your life with feels the same. Spend the time you have by getting to know each other in an emotional way, connect on a level that sex won’t allow, a deeper more meaningful relationship can be just as, if not more, beautiful than any other. Be with someone who makes you feel happy and comfortable without the pressure to perform.

The Benefits Of Sexual Abstinence When Dating


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