There’s no denying that the rules of the dating game have changed radically over the past decade or so. Nowadays, both men and women like to experiment a little, dating multiple partners at the same time. For years women had to put up with playing second fiddle while the guy decided if he wanted Betty, Mary or Sue. Usually women had no choice but to take it on the chin. When men dated multiple partners, they were heroes amongst their pals, if a woman did the same, she was branded as “a slut”. Today’s dating game has somewhat equalized the sexes.

The Sex Trap

Women have no problem telling men that they have other interested suitors. The man also needs to win the woman over. Moreover, it keeps men honest in their actions– nothing like competition with other men to bring out the very best in suitors.

Women should tread cautiously when deciding which man would make the ideal match. Each man is different and should offer something different. Women should be aware of what the man brings to the table in terms of personality, kindness and honesty while always being aware of “The Sex Trap.” The Sex Trap is when you interpret sex as real love and fall for a feeling instead of a person. Too many people date based on what they “feel” rather than what’s “real”.

Every woman loves the idea of a committed man who sweeps her off her feet and lives with her happily ever after. However, this is no time for women to bury their heads in the sand, they should look for evidence of commitment from the men who court them. Women should gauge the man’s commitment to friends or families. If prospective suitors don’t particularly care for their friends and family, those may be warning signs. A good sign of commitment is devotion to one’s friends. That says a lot about one’s character.

Discover the direction to which they commit most of their time and energy. That could also be a good indicator of the future. Men typically return to their desired state after the romance stage wears off. Everything is lovey-dovey on both sides during the courting period. Neither party can be expected to maintain forever the animal magnetism of the dating period. Things always start off far more exciting and passionate at the beginning, when all is fresh and interesting. Devotion to one’s craft or profession is also a significant sign. It shows you that your potential man has goals, and the energy to pursue those goals. Look for doers as opposed to talkers.

Consider the dynamics of your dating life, does he instinctively include you in his plans? Be observant of your communication during the dating phase. Read the signs. If he shows signs of holding back, or any type of elusiveness, those could also be indicators of something else. Generally, it takes some time to build trust– it usually comes after dating seriously for a while. However, awareness of mannerisms can give you a picture of what is to come down the road. Openness in dating usually leads to openness in relationships. Likewise, sneaky behavior also carries over. Even when hormones are raging out of control, pay attention to the little details, those can tell the real story. And again always be aware of not falling into “The Sex Trap”.

Beware Of The Sex Trap


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