Have you said or have you heard people say, or has it been said about you, “being around them is like walking on eggshells?” Why? Because eggs are fragile and must be handled carefully or you are likely to break them........ thus describing super sensitive people and their self centeredness.

"When I become mature it’s time to put away childish things"

There are many people in today’s culture who are super-sensitive; you must be very careful what you say and do around them or they will become hostile and offended. You can never be sure how these people are going to react to something. It is true that some may be suffering from worry or anxiety and are naturally feeling things more acutely than others but I’m not focusing on that. I’m focusing on the morbid, unnatural state of anger and offense people allow themselves to lapse into. There are proven ways to minimize the “natural feelings” of worry and anxiety. It’s the morbid and dangerous feelings of uncontrollable anger and offense that must be eliminated.

Sometimes people can bear to sit and listen to other people being ridiculed and talked about in a gossiping way, or see them ridicules and scorned and think nothing of it, or even be amused by it. But you better look out when they become the target of gossip and scorn, it almost kills them and now-a-days they feel like killing someone else. What makes the difference in their feelings and why do they become so dangerously vindictive? Why are they so much more concerned for themselves than they are for others?

If we could trace their feelings back to its origin you will discover that these people have an abnormal focus on themselves, in other words they are extremely “self-centered” and entirely “ME” oriented. Because If they loved others as much as love themselves they would feel just as much hurt by what’s done to others as the hurt they feel is done to them; it this self centeredness that’s makes people easily angry and offended and therefore easily hurt. The more self-centered they are, the easier it is for them to feel offended and the quicker their anger and resentment is aroused. Self Centeredness produces vanity. Self Centeredness throws perspective out of whack causing some people to live in a constant state of paranoia and defensiveness. Self Centeredness causes people to wear their feelings on their shoulders and always play the victim. Self Centeredness not only brings pain to the host, it also brings pain to its targets.

Self Centeredness makes a person always wonder what other people are thinking and saying about them. It makes them always suspicious of others, suspicious that people are thinking and saying things that would hurt them if those things were known. If a self-centered person is in the presence of two people who are conversing privately, the self-centered person will become anxious and suspicious because they weren’t included in the conversation and they cannot hear what is being said. Listen, if we go about looking for offenses eventually we’ll sense them as real even where they don’t exist. If we go about expecting to be hurt, eventually we’ll certainly experience hurt ever when no one intended to hurt us.

So what’s the cure for this loathsome and dangerous affliction? The only cure for this type of extreme self centeredness is to train your eyes away from yourself and begin to place your focus on Jesus Christ and others. Focus on Christ and others until your thoughts and your interests are no longer centered on “yourself” and “self” no longer fills your every waking moment, then you will begin to experience real peace and your heart will begin to ache for others, and you will be completely cured of anger, hostility, negative thoughts, and resentment.

TRY IT!!!!!

Super Sensitive People and Self Centeredness



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