The queen is sick of the "rattling birds" in AMC+'s new unique collection, Anne Boleyn, starring Jodie Turner-Smith and premiering Dec. 9.

"Anne Boleyn": Anne Requests the Peacocks Be Shot

Off with their heads!

In an E! unique clip, for AMC+'s new unique collection, Anne Boleyn, starring Jodie Turner-Smith as Queen Anne, Her Majesty would not take "no" for a solution. The three-part drama premiering Dec. 9 will retell the legendary Queen's story who's "each an icon and an enigma; branded a witch, a sexual temptress, a calculating opportunist and a traitor," based on the present's description.

Within the clip, Thomas Cromwell (Barry Ward), a statesman who serviced as King Henry VIII's chief minister asks the Queen, "Did you will have an opportunity to talk with the king relating to the monasteries?"

"Placing collectively an in depth plan to place earlier than Parliament and expedient approval from the king could be appreciated by all," he continues.

"Sure, sure, Cromwell I spoke to him," the Queen replies because the pair watch the king and Jane Seymour, certainly one of her ladies-in-waiting, stroke a horse. "I personally have some proposals for the additional income."

"I am positive you do," Crowell mutters below his breath as she walks away.

Because the Queen approaches her husband, a peacock begins to make noise, which clearly agitates Anne. "These rattling birds," she angrily says. "One in every of them lurks beneath my mattress chamber shrieking me each evening, I swear it is taunting me." 

"Positive, there is not a creature in England who would dare try this," scoffs Edward Seymour, performed by Jamael Westman.

The Queen then suggests the birds "ought to be shot." However when her husband suggests she "be cheap" she replies, "I would like them shot.

"I would like them eliminated or I'll hunt them down myself," she continues earlier than Henry VIII (Mark Stanley) in the end agrees.

Parisa Taghizadeh/Fable/Sony/AMC

Anne Boleyn, directed by Lynsey Miller, additionally stars Anna Brewster, Paapa Essiedu, Thalisaa Teixeira, Lola Petticrew, Isabella Laughland and Amanda Burton.

Anne Boleyn premieres Thursday, Dec. 9 on AMC+ with two remaining episodes launched on consecutive Thursdays.

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