We all have had that feeling being sabotaged in our life. That feeling could have developed from home or work experiences, or from our close relationships. Making better decisions can help us overcome this feeling however. We must learn to inspire others by developing and displaying a positive, influential outlook on life. Blind spots should not sneak up on us. By trusting others, it is possible to form a loyal circle of committed friends to watch our backs culminating in development of Healthy Relationships.

Healthy Relationships And A Sabotaged Self

We should stay prepared to manage the changes and the conflicts in our life. We ought to make it apparent to others that they can believe in us. That action involves the development of our ability to discern, understand, and to cultivate positive emotions. Emotional competency once developed will supply us with proper focus and strength of mind, giving us the insight necessary for allowing us to develop a healthy self-awareness.

We all need something we can call our own. None of us has to be that child passing by recognizing something they want, but end up settling for nothing. Instead, we all have the ability to reach for greater purpose. We must not seal our fate by doing without what we feel we need. When we recognize a desire, first we should examine it to make sure that it will lead us into a productive way of life. Then once we realize the desire is necessary to accomplish our purpose, we should put forth the effort and go for it.

Do not sit around contemplating, instead change the way you think. You should continue to focus on the present and your goals. You’ll have many choices in life. Choices play an integral part in the outcomes we face. Take a look at those around you. What is going on? You will probably notice little if anything. Many people prefer to let others control the way they think, their life, and will consequently settle for less. Instead of wisely seeking answers, they bury their feelings deeper in the subliminal mind. Instead of becoming one of the many who just exist day-to-day, take control of your life by cultivating a healthy self-awareness resulting in healthy relationships.

Foolish people think that they have to take whatever comes their way. You must learn to stand firm while taking charge of your life. It is your sole right to decide which direction you want to go in life. Instead of allowing your current external situations to dictate your life, continue developing and improving your self-image and your self-awareness by focusing within. You will construct your world by what you think, how you think, and how you view yourself.

We have many choices. Choices are for the taking. It will change your life for the better when you make good decisions. You will enjoy a productive life by remaining committed to those decisions and striving to reach your goals. Working on your personal development and healthy relationships will certainly rekindle your expectancy, allowing you not to continuously focus on life’s pressures.

To cultivate a healthy emotional self and healthy relationships, you must understand that keeping a morally clean and clear mind will keep you focused on what you need to do. You must set attainable goals and abandon negative fears. You must also learn to welcome new encounters while becoming aware of your surroundings. You must also learn to recognize and appreciate subtle opportunities that present prosperity.

You have the inner power to reach out and take the initial step to develop a healthy self-creating healthy relationships. You will discover that step is much easier when you develop self-awareness. Only then can you actually enjoy the challenges that life presents. You should discover contentment in the path you have chosen for your life. Have you discovered inner peace? Are you emotionally grounded? Have you become as aware of your ‘internal environment’ as you are of your ‘external environment?

If you said no, then it is time to cultivate the ‘healthy self’ in order to create a healthier more rewarding life which includes healthy relationships with others.


Healthy Relationships And A Sabotaged Self

Theodore Lovelace


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