A Reliable Relationship

It seems that so many men these days just aren’t really interested in a Reliable Relationship. There are so many things now that work to distract them. For instance, more and more relationships are ending due to the amount of time that men spend playing video games or computer games. Then there’s the myriad of sports events that are covered by ESPN and if you’re with a sports fanatic, you may as well plan on being alone when the different seasons begin.

Unless you’re also a sports fanatic or live to play video games, you’re going to want to move in another direction because, for you, it’s going to be necessary to be in a reliable relationship with someone. As hard as it may be to face, these types of men are rarely going to be reliable when it means that they’ll need to be away from their sports events or video games. That’s why you must pay close attention while you’re still in the early stages of dating.

Lack of Interest

A lot of men, in fact most of them, will not show tons of interest in the things that consume their lives after they first meet someone that they’re interested in. So, it will be up to you to spot whatever you can that tells you something about his life. If you spot every video game console made lying around in his house, chances are that he didn’t buy them simply for decorations. You’ll also probably find that he’s got a pretty impressive collection of games for each of those consoles too.

Something else you’ll probably want to check is what television channels that he subscribes to. If you see that his guide lists all of the ESPN channels, you’re probably dating a huge sports fanatic. He’s most likely just keeping this part of his personality under wraps until he has you sufficiently baited, hooked and reeled in. He’s probably had issues in other relationships because of all of the avid attachment to video games and sports. So he already knows that it’s going to be a problem.

Ask Questions

If you see enough things that have you filled with questions, now is the time to ask those questions and get your answers. The last thing you want to do is get involved with someone that will stand you over in a corner while he spends all of his time slaying virtual dragons and pretending that he’s a football star. This type of man typically has you feeling alone more than anything else and really wants nothing to do with a reliable relationship.

Think carefully before you get seriously involved with someone that will always let everything else get in the way of things you may need from him. You’ll spend a life of taking care of yourself when you’re sick, forgotten birthdays and anniversaries, and being stood up for important events in your life. It’s much easier to be with someone who wants to be actively involved in a reliable relationship. This is someone that you’ll be able to count on to be there when you need him most.

A Reliable Relationship



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