Chances are no matter what your age, you have a cell phone that you use not only for making phone calls but for texting your family and friends. You probably also use it as a convenient way to stay up to do date with them on all of the social media sites to which you belong. Communicating with one another is certainly different than it used to be. Could this be one reason why so many relationships fail in this generation?

Why Relationships Fail in this Generation?

What do you think it takes for a relationship to succeed? While you might say it takes love or respect, experts agree relationships take commitment. If you are in a relationship with somebody else, you must choose to be committed to the other person. As soon as you decide you no longer want to be committed, the relationship is in jeopardy and can lead to separation. It doesn’t matter if one person wishes to be committed and the other does not. In order to have a successful relationship you must both make this same choice. What does this have to do with communication you might ask?

Being committed takes communication. If you wish to communicate on a deeper level, you must be committed to doing it. Your relationship with someone else simply cannot be successful if all you do is communicate via texting or through messaging on your favorite social media site. True communication requires you and the other person to take time to communicate with one another face-to-face and at a much deeper level. This goes for any kind of relationship that you are in – whether it’s with your spouse, significant other, child or friend.

If you are in any kind of relationship and you want it to succeed, you must evaluate how committed you are to making your best effort to communicate with that person. While quick texts and minute-long phone calls can certainly be helpful in communicating with whomever you are in a relationship with, neither of these methods should be the only way in which you communicate. Of course these methods of communicating are fine if you don’t mind having a surface-level relationship with somebody else. You will never have a more intimate, more meaningful relationship with someone, however, if these are the only ways you choose to communicate with one another.

Remember, if you are committed to having the best relationships possible, then make the commitment to communicate – preferably without using your cell phone or computer.

Why Relationships Fail in this Generation


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