Relationships are More Than Chemistry

Many people want to be in a fulfilling, and in their eyes, perfect relationship. In the beginning, chemistry brings two people together but is a relationship based only on chemistry or is there something else involved? But relationships are more than chemistry. What makes a relationship not only last but also be successful? Chemistry or something else? Read on to determine whether chemistry is the only integral part of a relationship or is something else equally or more important?

How successful a relationship will be is based on various factors and while chemistry is one of them, it is not the only important one. Keep in mind that relationships are more than chemistry. We all remember the first time we saw our significant other and how we felt. Attractiveness is what brings two people together, at least in the beginning and without it, it is unlikely we want to get to know someone better. However, chemistry is not enough for a relationship to last and be successful.

Fulfilling Relationships

Another as equally important thing is compatibility. While sometimes opposites attract and that relationship can be very successful, a relationship between two people who share similar interests can be even more fulfilling. In the long run, it is important to be with someone who shares the same interests as you, likes the same things as you; the same music, the same movies, wants to do the same activities and more. This is due to the fact that over time, it can happen that two people who have nothing or very little in common will start fighting and arguing over things, which at the beginning seemed small and insignificant, but over time they will become more and more important.

Another reason why chemistry is not the only important thing is that appearances change. You will not look the same way when you are 50 as when you were 25. You may not be as physically attracted to your partner after few years of being in a relationship as you were at the beginning; however, some aspect of the attraction will still be there. Keep in mind that it is also important to have emotional compatibility between you because that will connect you with the other person on a more mature and deeper level.

In concluding, chemistry and compatibility are equally important when it comes to a successful relationship. The former brought the two of you together and keeps physical attraction alive throughout the relationship, but the latter will connect the two of you on a deeper level which, in the long run, provides stability.

Are Relationships More Than Chemistry?


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