Relationships are Messy

After any sort of fight or breakup, you or I encounter the question persists: Are relationships really worth it? Many times I, and many others, have found ourselves asking this question. And, who can blame us? After all, relationships can cause stress, tears, shouting, angry texts, and complete emotional drainage. I'm not talking about abusive relationships mind you, that's an entirely different subject. Maybe fights don't make a healthy relationship, but they happen. But at the end of the day I think we all have to look at our relationships and say; yes, relationships are messy but worth it.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

If you look back at your happiest moments, most of you will find an overwhelming majority of them were part of a relationship. Whether it was that time your partner made the stupidest face or brought you a gift you loved when you were depressed, or just sat with you quietly. The fact is for all the heartbreak that a relationship can bring, it also fills your heart with joy and gladness.

It Is Worth It?

A good relationship can take a broken heart, piece it back together, and repair the mess someone else left behind. There will always be mistakes. There will always be little hiccups on the road of love, but that's what makes it worth going down love's road in the first place. If there was no risk in loving someone unconditionally then, what would be the point? No, you should not have a relationship where you are constantly afraid of someone leaving you. But, you should have one where you understand that you both make mistakes and that you can grow from them to become best friends and great lovers.

There will be fights, tears. and, emotional scars. Cartons of ice cream eaten at midnight. There may be MULTIPLE cartons of ice cream eaten if something really bad happens. But, isn't is all worth it? Isn't it all worth finding that special someone? Isn't it all worth finally finding that person who makes your heart skip a beat every time you think about them?

The Answer

If you have been wondering for a while now, or maybe even just recently if a relationship is for you, then take this as the answer. Yes, that relationship is for you. Relationships are messy. You will never find one that is absolutely perfect, and constantly searching for a perfect relationship will only make your heart ache more. So the relationship that you're in, the one that's right there in front of your face, is most certainly a mess worth making.

Messy Relationships


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