The different dating stages of Relationships and Dating invoke nearly every emotion, from nervous to excited to confused and just about any other possible feeling. Throughout the course of any relationship, couples get to know each other- the good and the not so good. These levels help to show the true connection between potential partners. While no two relationships are the same, here are some stages that probably seem familiar from your past:

Relationships and Dating

Feeling your way through an introduction and first impressions-

Of all the dating stages, the new stage probably is the most exciting and the most frightening at the same time. This is where you discover if you are as into them as they are into you. You also get to peel back some layers and get to know the person behind the attraction. What to expect in this stage: dates, frequent phone calls or messages, and getting answers to the many questions you have.

Getting comfortable with each other-

There is no set amount of time, but sooner or later you feel relaxed enough to be yourself at every meeting. A lot of times people joke about this stage as “the honeymoon is over” stage. Courting has moved to comfort, which is both good and bad. The chase and intrigue of the previous stage have given way to security. It is important not to be too complacent in this stage, and let your partner know you are as interested as the day you first met- and maybe even more. What to expect in this stage: it may be time to meet the family and the friends you haven’t, which will be easy since formal dates have given way to casual meals on the go and just hanging out.

Making a decision-

This is the stage where you decide as a couple if you are ready to make this permanent, or to keep is casual. The unfortunate possibility here is that one partner makes the choice either way. What to expect in this stage: from picking out rings and houses, to deciding you may not be forever; these range from extremely happy to sad times with some underlying stress.

One of the best things about gaining insight into the dating stages is knowing where you are most comfortable and least comfortable. A little introspection can show you if there is a pattern in your relationships which are not going well in certain stages, allowing you to focus your energy on strengthening those areas for future relationships.

Relationship Stages of Dating

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