5 Predictors Of Relationship Success

Some relationships are primed for success right from the very outset. Others appear to be destined for nothing short of failure. Surprisingly, whether or not your next romantic relationship works over the long-term is a lot less about how compatible you are with your partner, but more about how comfortable you are in your own skin. The following 5 predictors of relationship success will show you just how important it is to get yourself mentally, emotionally and financially together before even attempting to partner up with someone else.

A Willingness To Communicate Openly And Truthfully

Are you ready to be fully honest about who you are? What you have? What you want? And who you want to be in your life? Relationship success requires enough self-confidence for truly baring your soul with your partner. You cannot start a successful relationship by misrepresenting or flat out lying about who you are. Lies that are told at the start of a union will greatly undermine trust as you and your partner move forward. If you aren't ready to talk about yourself and your feelings without embellishing or otherwise altering the truth, then you aren't ready to be in a real relationship.

Shared Interests

It definitely helps if you and your romantic partner have shared interests and common beliefs. While it's certainly true that two, opposing personalities can incite growth in each other, you still want to have some form of common ground. This doesn't mean that you have to love fishing, hiking or kayaking just because your partner does, but the two of you do want to have things that you mutually enjoy doing together. This is key for bonding and for establishing a sense of companionship and camaraderie.

Explore Emotional Intimacy Before Physical Intimacy

Good sex can't make or save a relationship. By rushing into this part of the relationship too soon it puts too much pressure on the relationship long before a strong foundation has been set.  One of the key predictors of relationship success is a willingness to experience different ways of enjoying each other before the clothes come off. Partners should feel both valued and valuable for something other than his or her physical attributes; guaranteed to change over time.

Happiness As An Individual

Don't expect to be happy in a relationship if you haven't found out how to be happy on your own. If solitude makes you feel worthless and miserable, you'll probably be expecting your partner to elevate you to a state of bliss that just isn't feasible. Individuals become happy couples when they are comfortable with themselves and content in their own lives. These are people who can enhance each other and exponentially increase each other's joy. This makes it important to grow your confidence. Establish a strong sense of self-worth. Find activities and goals that make you feel fulfilled, well ahead of any attempts to share your life with someone else.

General Life Balance

Each person in a relationship must have a basic amount of general life balance in order for the union to work. In short, your partner shouldn't be battling addiction and facing foreclosure. Or, still at odds with his or her feelings for a former spouse just when you're starting out. Couples with an extensive amount of history can weather these challenges. But they can put far too much stress on a newly formed relationship.

Optimum Living

If you want to establish a strong and solid bond with someone else, start by working on your own issues. So that you're bringing less baggage into the relationship with you. The more problems that you resolve on your own and ahead of starting a new partnership, the fewer burdens that your new union will have to endure.

Ultimately, your best chance at finding and keeping a mate will come when you're living, feeling and functioning at optimum levels. Rather than looking for love or waiting for it. Start focusing on being the best you that you can possibly be. Feeling good about yourself and pursuing a fulfilling and happy life all on your own will set the stage for a rich, rewarding and truly long-lasting relationship.

Understanding Relationship Success


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