What's Your Story?

If you are in a relationship, you can attest to the fact that it is both wonderful and scary. It is wonderful because you have someone to share the little splendors of life. You have someone to call when everything goes wrong because you will get all the comfort you need. The scary part lies in the 'hint of danger'. This is a gut feeling that your relationship story will eventually end someday. The feeling usually goes away as you continue to spend time with your partner and realize it was all in your head.

Note that 'hint of danger' is a feeling that may recur, especially when you are faced with hard questions concerning your relationship. Every relationship has a story and the biggest question you may have to answer is “what is your relationship story?” Is it that of love conquering all obstacles or that of failure and despair? Can a stranger look at you and your partner and believe in true love? To truthfully answer these questions, you have to look inside yourself and be as candid as possible.

The Best Time To Share

You do not have to wait for your relationship to be on the rocks to start searching for answers, you can start now. In fact, the best time to truthfully answer any hard questions you may have is when your relationship seems smooth. The reason is that when both you and your partner are going through pure bliss, you are more accommodating towards any questions and concerns regarding your love life.

Before asking your partner to give his or her opinion on the kind of story your relationship tells, search yourself. Think about the time you met and what struck you the most about your partner. Think of the first fight you had and whether your partner was quick to sweep your issues under the carpet or was ready to argue till you both found a solution. Did both of you focus on the problem rather than pointing out one another's faults?

We or Me?

Now that you have reflected on the early stages of your relationship story, consider the progress you have made so far. Think of the number of months or years you have been together and decide whether you are both in it for the long haul. Consider whether your partner speaks in terms of “we” instead of “I” and “you”. If your partner often uses “we”, you definitely have a true love story to tell for generations to come!

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